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When I first broke the news of our pregnancy to my baby’s father, he was out of the country. I sent him a text message because I could not wait to give him the happy news. He told me that he was happy but I cannot say for sure what his reaction was, as I was not there to see it.

I do remember, very clearly, the way he reacted when we went to our first doctor’s appointment to confirm the pregnancy. His reaction was funny, memorable and priceless. The doctor said, “Yes, you guys are pregnant, congratulations”. My amazing boyfriend asked the doctor if it was normal for him to feel dizzy and asked if he could sit down. The doctor and I laughed as he sat down.
I cannot imagine what he must have been feeling but deep down I knew that he was very happy.

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1. Entrants must be South African residents.
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3. The  competition closes on the 19th of June 2015 and MOMentsByDJZinhle reserves the right to amend the competition end date at any time.
4. The prize is not be transferable to another person.
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    Pearl June 17, 2015 @ 2:14 pm

    We had been planning since last year. I suspected | was preg in Jan but I didn’t want to tell him yet as I wanted it to be a surprise.
    One night as he was cooking supper for us , I quickly went into the loo and did a HPT which I had bought earlier. I waited for him to dish up dinner for us , we ate . I had bought a smalla-nyana gift bag which I had planned to use had the HPT came out as I had expected.
    I gave him the small bag and told him it was a token of my appreciation of him cooking dinner for us. He opened it and looked at the HPT device. I will never forget the reaction on his face when he saw the pregnancy results on the digital HPT , his face just lit up and he picked me up and kissed me and told me how much he loves me and how happy he is at the fact that we were expecting our bundle of joy.
    It was the best moment ever 🙂 His reaction was priceless.


    Xasile Mhlongo June 17, 2015 @ 4:42 pm

    It was Sunday morning when I could not stop thinking that I am suppose to be on my periods or my periods are late. I could not shake the feeling that I am pregnant. I decided to take a shower and then went to town to buy those early detection pregnancy tests at Clicks.
    I was still a student last year and it was just before I could receive my allowance so I did not have much money. So I used the last of the money to buy the pregnancy test. I went back to where I was staying and took the test. I analysed that stick for hours. The second line was not that clear and the test instructions said if the line is faint it still means the test is positive. So I kept looking at that stick to check the other line. Sometime it was clear and at times not so clear. Anyway I remember heading back to town to buy folic acid. Something inside of me said I am pregnant and I should start taking the pregnancy supplements or something equivalent. Back to town with the last cent and bought what I could afford.

    I was busy with exams at that time and expecting my boyfriend to pass by to see me. He called and told me he is outside and I should come out. I was like don’t you want to come in. He said “No baby, I am not coming in.’ I wanted to show him the stick but I left it.

    We were in his car and I was terrified. We spoke a bit about other things, cant remember what but I was just thinking I must tell him. Then I did. I told him I what I have been up to that morning and told him we are pregnant. Iyho…. Not what I was expecting… He was like what????
    And I told him we will need to see a doctor but ja I am pregnant. He was sooo shocked and didn’t say much. He was asking questions trying to understand how and why I think that… He was in a rush, he was not planning on staying for long. He sent me a message minutes later saying he knows his reaction was not that great but it does not mean he doesn’t want a child with me. He does, its just the timing. But we will talk more about it after my last exam.

    Those words were comforting and reassured me. And we did we speak about it. The next thing was the first doctor visit together and it was confirmed that we are pregnant. I remember we looked a each other and smiled. That was only the beginning of comprehension of this pregnancy.

    We went through emotional ups and downs and he was there. And I am happy to say we doing well and we looking forward to seeing our girl.


    mpho June 18, 2015 @ 10:22 am

    My child was created before we even conceived, blame it on the law of attraction. My husband and i have been talking about our second child since late 2013, even gave him a name Bokamoso. February is a very special month for us because it’s our anniversary, his birthday and when our beautiful daughter Botlhale was conceived.

    So in April 2015 i missed periods, took a home pregnancy test and wala im expecting my second child. One special moment or highlight of our pregnancy was recently when we went to the Dr. for a scan and found out that its a boy, my husband could not hold his tears, he kissed me, started jumping around shouting “Yes”, lol i also dropped a tear. Now he goes on bragging to his friends that he’s got “the secret” to a baby boy.

    What makes my husband more happy is that there is an heir, someone to continue his legacy. I believe this is the best present ever for him this year.

    Now 17 weeks, we all cant wait to meet the new member in our family. The sister always asking when the baby is coming and oh! remember i told you February is a special month?This one was also conceived in February. Both my children’s birth month is November.


      Bae'girl June 18, 2015 @ 12:30 pm

      Love this !!!!!


    Pulane June 19, 2015 @ 1:57 pm

    My husband and I tried for over two years to have a baby, I would miss my periods and go test and it came negative, so I didn’t feel like testing anymore, so on this particular day I bought a test kit and he was home so we both waiting for the results. He left me and went to sit in the lounge and told me he is tired of having his hopes high for nothing, the test was positive I called him to come see what it says before I throw it away, he said “you can throw it away I know what it says” i was so hurt and went to him to show him the results, when he saw the two lines he quickly went on the box for instructions and read more about it, then he came back to me and asked “does this mean we are pregnant” lol he was so happy that he started praising ancestors and thanking God. He went to every doctors appointment and we had a baby boy


    Pepelapi June 19, 2015 @ 2:30 pm

    We were in bed just about to sleep about a month after we had decided to have a baby. I had my preggy test wrapped in the insert sleeve. When I gave it him, followed the famous question “what is this ?”. I replied that I am pregnant then he said you don’t look happy & I said because the magnitude of our decision has just hit me. His next question was “what do you mean?”. Then I said we just brought an innocent soul to earth & whatever choice we make hence forth is not just about us.

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