Climbing Kili for Kairo

For as long as I can remember my biggest dream has been to climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. I have imagined every detail of this adventure since I was in primary school. I have even planned and trained for it on a few occasions but I have never made it happen.

Why not? I ask myself … why has my dream not come true after all this time?

The answer is quite simple … dreams don’t come true by themselves. You need to set goals in order to turn your dreams into reality. I have always had the dream but I have never set a real goal to make my dream come true. Dreams are imaginary and can go on forever … and that’s ok if dreaming is all you want to do.

What will it take to turn your dreams into goals?

I have always made excuses for why I haven’t climb Kilimanjaro yet. I don’t have the money yet. I haven’t found someone who will do it with me. I want to do it with my kids but we need to find the time. I will do it when I turn 40. I want to do it for charity but I need to find the right cause. I will do it for my 45th birthday. When I turn 50, that is when I will do it … and so the years went by …



The truth is that I have just never made it a priority.

Two weeks ago when I held Kairo, my granddaughter, for the first time, I looked at her and the first thought that came into my head was this: “I will climb Kilimanjaro before I turn 50, not for anyone but myself, because I want to teach you to have big dreams, set goals and see them through”.

Since then not a day has passed without me doing something about my dream … I have set the goal to make the visions of my dream a reality. When you have a clear goal, everything else seem to fall in place. In less than two weeks I have decided that I don’t need anyone to do this with me. I am doing it for me and if anyone joins me it will be a bonus.

Dreams are free and they are easy. I needed a trigger to turn my dream into a goal. The birth of my granddaughter provided that trigger. Kairo has become my inspiration for achieving my goal … Kairo and Madiba …


I have also found a cause. I always knew what it was but because I was suffering from “excusitis” I found a way to avoid it .

I have a passion for Early Childhood Education and I want to make an impact in the education of children from 0-6 years in South Africa. I will climb Kilimanjaro to fulfill my dream and to benefit this group of South African children who, to me, is represented by my beautiful granddaughter, Kairo. #ClimbingKiliForKairo and #MakeTheLittleThingsCount


What are the things that I am considering during this planning phase, to ensure that I will achieve my goal? How will I ensure that I actually get it done this time around ?

I believe that the most important thing is that I moved from having a dream to setting a goal.

1. Goals are about what you can actually accomplish. A goal is realistic if you truly believe that you can achieve it. Is this a realistic goal for me and do I believe that I am capable of climbing Kilimanjaro ? I have absolutely no doubt about this.
2. Goals require action … deliberate action and they need to be specific. I need to plan everything in detail and know exactly what it is that I want to achieve, how, when and with who. I need to focus and be consistent.
3. I need to set deadlines for achieving my goal, there must be a time limit in order to create a sense of urgency.
4. I will have to invest the time, money, effort and sweat. Goals are not free.
5. Awareness of the progress I am making towards the attainment of my goal, is vital. I have to measure my progress at regular intervals.
6. Goals must have a specific outcome. What do I want to achieve? How much money do I want to raise for Early Childhood Development in South Africa. How do I want that money to be used? How will the attainment of my goal impact the lives of South African children under the age of 6 years.
7. How will the achievement of my goal change my life? How will my goal stretch me, increase my skills, my abilities … will it change me forever.

Do you have a dream that you need to change into a goal? What will it take to make it happen? What is your mountain ?

Life is Love

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    Theopatra August 8, 2015 @ 10:52 am

    This is an amazing article which comes at the right time for me. Having relocated from Johannesburg to my home country Zimbabwe l have infected myself with “excusitis” yet l have always been a dreamer and goal getter. I’ve let the view of the world about my country buffer my actions of living out my dreams. Im getting up and getting started. Nothing can stop me, with realistic planning and deadlines life surely will be more meaningful for me.


    Ayanda Mbatha September 17, 2015 @ 3:12 pm

    I’m addicted, your mind, your words, i’m following you everywhere….i’m feeling soo inspired


    Bonny March 14, 2018 @ 2:53 pm

    Enkosi Zee,i just love u

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