The Little Things That Make Life Easier

Adjusting to life with a newborn baby is often a balancing act, which sometimes leaves me wishing for an extra pair of hands.

Today I want to share a few more items which have made a difference to our household and life with our 19 day old daughter, Kairo.

These are not necessarily essential items but they have definitely become my “extra pair of hands”.

1. Breasfeeding Pajamas
These comfortable, pretty and practical pajamas from Bugs and Bees has helped make breastfeeding much easier for me.
They are locally manufactured and are made from viscose lycra which allows for softness and comfort as well as durability and stretch. They offer easy access for breastfeeding as well as some degree of privacy and are available as part of a summer and winter range.


2. Mum2Mum Wonder Bib and Face Washers
I am currently using the smallest bib in the range from Mum2Mum SA The bib attaches at the side which makes it easy to use. Made from 100% cotton, super-absorbent velour toweling with a nylon water resistant backing to keep baby dry. They come in a range of fun colours, are machine washable and looks great after every wash.
The Face Washers come in a simple yet effective design and a range of colours. They are perfect for bath time, after feeds or just to keep handy when you need something to wipe up little “burps”.

image image

3. Bamboo and pure cotton Bath Aprons:
I love the luxurious feel of bamboo and pure cotton towels and nothing beats a beautifully soft and absorbent bamboo bath apron, for baby’s bath time. These “hands-free” baby towels are my “must haves” for baby’s bath time and for snuggling baby dry.
I have a Babyroo Bath Apron from MooMoo Kids and a Cuddledry Bath Apron from Kids Emporium Morningside.

image image

4. Pigeon Bottle Nipple and Vegetable liquid Cleaner AND Pigeon Antibacterial Wipes
I need the peace of mind that my baby’s accessories are always clean and hygienic, even when I don’t have access to my Steam Steriliser or when I need to act quickly.
PIGEON liquid Cleanser and Antibacterial Wipes are made from 100% food grade ingredients which are edible carbohydrate derivatives and therefore, also biodegradable and safe for usage around babies. I use them to clean my breast pump, baby’s toys, teats/nipples, pacifiers and nursing bottles. It can even be used to wash fruit and vegetables. Available from Baby City.

image image

5. Ewan The Dream Sheep
Ewan is my “extra pair of hands” at bedtime, settling my baby and putting her to sleep. Ewan attaches securely to the cot bars or sits next to baby and plays real heartbeat and womb sound combinations that mimic the noises babies hear inside the womb, for 20 mins. These comforting sounds have been proven to be effective for settling and calming even the most restless newborns, as they make the difficult transition from womb to world. Ewan also doubles as a nightlight.
One of my most loved baby shower gifts, Ewan goes everywhere with us and is available from Kids Emporium Morningside.


6. Moocachoo Tooshi Cushion
My stunning Tooshi Cushion from Moocachoo is always ready to welcome me when I need to put my feet up, while breastfeeding in the nursery. The Tooshi Cushion has a durable side patterned fabric and a soft minky fabric on the top and bottom and is filled with polystyrene beads. It’s a beautiful addition to the nursery and the perfect size for little ones to enjoy childhood fun so I will soon have to share my cushion with Kairo … or more likely hand it over altogether.


7. Stokke Stroller Cup Holder
As a breastfeeding mother, I need my water handy when I am out and about. This cup holder is designed to easily attach to the Stokke strollers handle, making my life just a little easier by having my water close at hand. Made of sturdy polyamide plastic, this product is designed to be used with cold drinks and containers with lids. A really handy accessory for my Stokke Xplory Stroller from Born Fabulous


8. MagicMesh Window Shades
Another one of my “must have” items. These Magic Mesh window shades stick to your car window without interfering with visibility. They are easy to apply and remove, offers UV protection and does not interfere with window operation. They can be fitted to any car window, cannot be seen from the outside yet they provide privacy.

image image

9. Nova Couture Winter Rose Vest
A versatile, trendy and warm vest for my little girl, from Nova Couture It looks good with almost any outfit and it’s the perfect item of clothing to add for extra warmth, yet easy to remove when needed.


10. Energy Saving Wall Panel Heater
Kairo’s room needed heating and I opted for a Wall Panel Heater, which I bought from Game. It is quick and easy to install, has low electricity consumption and can be painted to match your decor.
The ultra slim and compact design can be easily mounted, has no exposed elements or fans and is safe for children.




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    popsycles July 29, 2015 @ 8:04 pm

    I love love love this blog, my son was born on the 9th even though when u were all packed and ready so was I. Can you please provide the name of stores were we can get the items from.


    Molebogeng August 6, 2015 @ 8:35 am

    I love reading your blog Zee,it’s helpful with my 2months baby girl. Where can I get those Magic Mesh window shades?

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