Hello World and Welcome To My Crib – Part 2 (Nursery Reveal)

It took some time before I finally started working on Kairo’s nursery. With many pictures saved on my phone, which I planned to use as references, I wanted to create a space with a personal touch that would be perfect for my little one.
When I finally chose the color scheme, I kept changing my mind about the finer details. I don’t like clutter so I wanted the room to be simple and calming … a home within a home.

I opted for neutral colours … whites, grey’s and earthy tones. The yellow and gold accent colours add sunshine and happiness to the room.

After a fair amount of planning, DIY, trial and error and hard work, the nursery was finally ready. The bed is the focal point and the heart of the nursery. There is a good balance of new pieces mixed with items I’ve had for many years. We took on minor DIY projects to help create the final look and feel.

It is an intimate space … as beautiful and calming as watching her sleep.

1. Melissa and Doug Plush Giraffe: A gift to Kairo from her daddy (Heidelberg Toys Cape Town)

2. Tallboy: (DIY) Glammy spray painted an old bookshelf and we added baskets from Mr Price Home.

3. Rocking Chair: A baby shower gift from my sister Gugu (Mr. Price Home)

4. Standing Lamp: I’ve had this lamp for years and just added a gold lampshade from @home.

5. Dresser: Stokke (part of my Stokke Home system)

6. Rug: Mr Price Home

7. Grey chevron Tooshi Cushion: Moocachoo

8. Wall mounted panel heater: Game

9. Sophie La Girafe: Morningside/Bryanston Kids Emporium

1. Gold Mirror: An old mirror which Glammy rescued and spray painted in gold.

2. Patchwork Blanket: Moocachoo

3. Pink shoes: Morningside/Bryanston Kids Emporium

3. Grey printed stool: Mr Price Home

4. Changer: Stokke (Part of my Stokke a Home system). The changer attaches to both the Stokke Home Bed and the Stokke Home Dresser.

abcde copy

1. Crib: Stokke Bed ( Part of my Stokke Home system)

2. Woven laundry and toy basket: Mr Price Home

3. Flexi Bath: Stokke – easy to fold up and store until the next bath time.

aaa copy

1. Crib textiles (left): Stokke

2. Crib textiles (right): Pitter Patter Home

3. Wooden letters (Kairo): Plain wooden letters from Typo, spray painted and decorated in gold (DIY)

4. Gold hearts on woven baskets (spray painted in gold – DIY).

5.  Photography: Andile Mthembu

I have more to share with you in  “Hello World and Welcome To My Crib – Part 3” on Wednesday 12th August.

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