Hello World and Welcome To My Crib – Part 3 (Kairo’s Closet)

I have received so many gifts for Kairo that I hardly bought any clothing for her. I am extremely grateful for all the beautiful gifts and the generosity displayed by so many different people. Kairo received clothing from newborn to when she will be a toddler. She is now a month old and I am inviting you to take a look into her closet.

Firstly I would like to share with you what I have found to be most practical in terms of clothing during the first month. These are also things I would keep in mind when I go shopping for new clothes for my baby in future.

Having her diaper changed and getting dressed is definitely Kairo’s least favourite activity at this stage. For this reason, it became important to me to get through bath time, diaper changes and getting dressed, quickly and without much fuss and effort.

1. Baby clothes need to come off and go on easily. I like garments with stretchy necks. The ones with envelope-like folds at the neckline are great for sliding over a sensitive newborn’s head.

2. Leggings with an elastic waist works best for me as they are easy to use and are comfortable for Kairo to wear.

FullSizeRender(Leggings: Ackermans, Socks & Hat: Nike, Vest: Woolworths, Faux Fur Vest: Nova Couture)

3. When it is time to change Kairo’s diaper, snap fastener’s at the crotch works like a dream because I can access the diaper without having to undress her completely.

4. Organic or 100 percent combed cotton is gentle on an infant’s sensitive skin and these are the fabric’s I try to use at the moment.

5. Every baby is different and what I have discovered is that the size on the label is just a guide. Kairo has long legs so depending on the brand, she could wear some newborn clothing items for longer and others for a much shorter period. She has already started wearing size 0-3 months of certain brands but others are still way too big. It is always a good idea to buy one size bigger even if you have to fold over the sleeves once or twice.

6. Babies need wardrobe staples too. White snap-crotch vests pared with white leggings are everyday essentials in Kairo’s closet. They are the perfect lightweight clothing items for when she is swaddled up so there is no overheating and they are easy items to get on and off. One can never have enough white one-pieces. Glammy bought a whole lot of these in different sizes and they have been extremely handy just for wearing around the house and has doubled up as sleepwear as they are comfortable, roomy and easy to wear.

IMG_5251(Shoes, Hat & Baby Grow: Morningside Kids Emporium)

7. With simple styles and colors as the foundation of the closet, it is easy to add a cool pattern or funky item to finish off the look. It may be a vest, a cardigan, or a pair of striped or printed tights.

Documhhent6 copy(Inside Kairo’s Closet)

Having said that, I don’t think it is that easy to find baby clothes which offers functionality and comfort but also stands out and is different from everything else available out there. Imagine my excitement when I came across Lullaby Rock and Nova Couture at the Mama Magic Expo in May. Meeting Amy changed the way I looked at baby clothes and I love dressing Kairo in her designs.

Glammy chatted to Amy Portman, owner of Lulaby Rock and Nova Couture to find out more about her passion and how she got started designing and manufacturing baby and children’s clothing.

Document6 copy(Kairo’s Newborn Photo Shoot – All baby clothes by Nova Couture. White Shawl and Baby shoes are available at Morningside Kids Emporium)

Glammy: “Tell us about Amy, the person …”

Amy: “I am a wife and expectant mother, born and raised in Johannesburg. I have always loved fashion and after trying the corporate route for a while I decided to take the risk and follow my creative dreams. I am a fun loving, passionate and affectionate person. And am most happy when surrounded by family and friends.”

Glammy: “What inspired you to start Lullaby Rock and Nova Couture ?”

Amy: “I saw a gap in the market for really high quality and on trend baby & children’s clothing. Fashion and style are a huge part of all our lives so I definitely think it should extend to our offspring. Gone are the days of the plain white and pastels..”

Fullender(All items by Lullaby Rock)

Glammy: “When did you start and what are the highlights of your journey so far ?”

Amy: “Lullaby Rock started towards the end of 2013, it took a while to get off the ground but when it did it grew really quickly. My highlights have been having my own stand at the mama Magic Expo November 2014 as well as May 2015 and the amazing response I get and the love people have for the brand. Other highlights include designing and manufacturing for other South African brands and of course all the amazing people I have met along the way.”

Glammy: “Starting out on your own can be challenging. What are the challenges that you faced when starting your business ?”

Amy: “It has certainly been challenging starting a new business, finding the right suppliers is one of the hardest things to do because it is literally trial and error, at the beginning you are taking a huge risk, saying goodbye to a steady income in the hopes of building your brand into becoming a household name is a huge risk but after pushing through you definitely start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with great risk comes great reward.”

Document6 co(Kairo’s Newborn Photoshoot – All items by Nova Couture & Lullaby Rock – Photographer Andile Mthembu)

Glammy: “What are the most important factors to keep in mind when designing clothes for infants and children. What should parents consider when buying clothes for their little ones ?”

Amy: “There are a few key factors parents should keep in mind when shopping for infants and children. One very important factor is clothing should be 100% cotton, this is to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and promote comfort and wellbeing. Another factor is choosing pants with soft elastic in the waist. Also consider if the garment is easy to get on and off the baby or child. Often a more simple cut is better. Be creative when it comes to colour. And lastly, when in doubt opt for a larger size.”

Glammy: “Kairo is often dressed by Lullaby Rock/Nova Couture and you also design custom made outfits for her. How did this happen and how do you go about choosing designs for Kairo ?

Amy: “I met DJ Zinhle through a mutual friend and we hit it off straight away. I love Zinhle & AKA’s style and fashion sense so I knew that when their precious little baby was born she would need some very trendy clothes to match her parents.”

image(All items by Nova Couture and Lullaby Rock)

Glammy: “Are you launching new ranges for Spring/Summer 2015 ?”

Amy: “I am launching new styles for Spring/Summer 2015, we are in production at the moment and hoping to launch October 2015.”

Glammy: “Where can the public find Lullaby Rock and Nova Couture ?”

Amy: “Public can shop online at www.lullabyrock.co.za or they can email me for catalogues to order from there. I also have a stockist page on my site.”

I am always inspired by any women who makes a decision and choose to make positive changes to her life. We wish Amy all the best With her pregnancy and we are very happy to have her as a friend of  momentsbydjzinhle.com


Here are a few more images of Kairo’s outfits from her recent Newborn Photo Shoot with Photographer Andile Mthembu.

Document6 copy(Kairo’s Newborn Photo Shoot)

Please share your baby clothing ideas with us in the comments below …


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  1. Uneks13@gmail.com'

    Ntokozo August 25, 2015 @ 7:45 pm

    Nkosi yami. So organized. I love this Zinhle &Glammy . Unfortunately can’t share ideas, but appreciate what you sharing with us.

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    Nthapeleng August 27, 2015 @ 12:35 pm

    im definitely having a bay girl next year ngeke tyooooo,what im seeing here its inspiring and incredible.

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    Nonhlanhla August 28, 2015 @ 9:12 am

    100% inspired! Zinhle am gon be an organised mom just like you! We love you Glammy!!! You are so supportive of her!

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    Boitumelo Mogale September 29, 2015 @ 6:04 pm

    I’m loving Kairo’s Closet…..total inspiration….love you DJ Zee

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