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Nomndeni Mdakhi is the real deal …

In the business world talent, drive, focus, dedication, inspiration, guts and off course skill are some of the main ingredients for success. Passionate about building brands and touching people’s lives in a positive and prospective manner, business woman Nomndeni Mdakhi oozes those characteristics and loads more.

Best known for her work as Fuse Academy For Girls co-founder (with DJ Zinhle), working with Oskido, co-ordinating Entertainment for the World Youth Festival 2010, working on the brand management for Kalawa Jazmee and project co-ordinating the 2012 Miami Winter Music Conference SA contingent, she has shaped many minds that have shown great potential in many fields. A business woman and great speaker of note, the Edits Communications founder is passionate about female change and directing success for ladies in a male dominated world.

Apart from handling PR accounts for FMCG’s like Lux and personalities like DJ Zinhle, Nomndeni Mdakhi and the Edits Communications team are also working with a home for girls. They help with creating sustainable long term solutions to running the home and assisting in building the girls’ social confidence through different programs introduced at the home.

“I am extremely passionate about branding which is the core offering of Edits communications,” says the business head. “I am passionate about women in business,’’ she adds, “I am passionate about effecting change in young girls lives and can always see opportunities where many don’t.”

Nomndeni gives talks at Fuse Academy For Girls on Personal Brand Strategy and what to look out for when launching a brand and identifying your X-factor. “I also use branding as an analogy for how the day-to-day lives of the girls should be planned, how their personality should be defined and how to harness their uniqueness.”


Her greatest motivation is her grandfather, whose highest education was Grade 4.  Together with her grandmother, a nurse by training, they went on to build a massive empire.

“My family is known in Durban and Newcastle for the numerous businesses which my grandfather owned,” says Mdakhi. This ranged from a block of shops to a hotel and a bottle store.

“I grew up in a 12 bedroomed house, made possible by a man driven by a need to support his family and effect change in his community. I have always been intrigued by business processes and the day-to-day running of organisations. This, combined with my love for brands, is the reason I started Fuse Academy For Girls and now have launched Edits Communications,” she enthused.

Mdakhi says guiding lives in a business sense was part of her motivation since she left Discovery Health in 2008. “I have always been passionate about business and brands.

She adds that what has made her successful is that she has understood how to maintain business relationships and have met mentors who are partly responsible for guiding her to the next phase of this journey in business.

“Starting my own agency came with less pressure because of all that I understood. I have learnt patience and how to deal with different types of people and to get results from them.”

Nomndeni says being “a great executor” makes her a success story. “I am solution driven and often act as a compass in guiding the planning and execution of projects that were once just ideas, she adds boldly.”

I have worked with the best in the music industry and entertainment as a whole. I have had the privilege of interacting at executive level with decision makers of some of the larger corporations and brands. All of these engagements and interactions played a vital part in expanding my vision.”

“I have always been clear about my role of business support in the different sectors I have serviced. My objectives are to shine as a business person in the right time. I am big believer in planning and striking at the right moments. Right now, to drive Edits Communications, I have to be at the forefront ONLY as a business women and nothing else. I have always been cautious not to come across as an artist or an upcoming in the entertainment industry. My vision and goals are largely as a business woman.”

Like many other success stories she has faced numerous challenges and learnt ways to deal with them. Between 1999 – 2005, she lost everyone from her childhood. “In February,  May and August 1999 I lost three of my uncles and then my grandfather passed away in 2001, followed by my grandmother two years later.”

“The family was originally from Pretoria, so we didn’t have many relatives in KZN and spent a lot of time at home. When everyone died, there was no more going home and I was stuck at school where I met my husband.”

“I have no pictures of my childhood or a place I call home except the home I have now built with my husband. Going through life, knowing there is nothing to fall back on, has shaped my character. I am driven, ambitious and never give up on the things I want. This is what I talk to girls about – shaping their own destiny regardless of their circumstances.” welcomes Nomdeni Mdakhi as a Regular Contributor to the Blog … Look out for her first installment of Edit Room Thursdays (ERT) on 24 September!






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    Nomthandazo Msimango September 23, 2015 @ 12:41 am

    I absolutely worship the ground Nomndeni walks on.Apart from sharing love for Branding with her, she is an inspirational extraordinaire.I love how she has placed herself as a businesswoman versus being a socialite.Her role is clearly defined.This lady is doing my dream job and learning from her deeds in a distance is just a blessing.
    Having overcomes soo many challenges she is still positive.
    I listened to one of her interviews where she said “never be stuck in moments ” and that was a huge wake up call for me.

    Keep on inspiring us and helping us to harness our uniqueness.

    Much Love sisi ,one day I will work with you when the time is right and this is on my vision board.


    Nothando September 23, 2015 @ 7:49 am

    What an inspirational woman, hard work passion. We need to hear more of stories like this.


    unathi hala September 23, 2015 @ 12:48 pm

    I am so awed by your story I found myself introspecting for a moment, I am 31 years with 3 children and have found that I actually have stopped to dream and to live again ever since I quit my job two years ago.I have often been said that I am talented, and should be someone and something profound but I have failed myself in many ways than one.Your story ignited an inner drive and a passion that carried me through my poverty stricken background that I used to live in until I graduated as a teacher 7 years ago, as I took a role of a stay at home mom, I realised that I don’t have much to fall back on as a self sufficient woman.I am wondering what kind of a legacy am I leaving behind, what am I teaching my daughter, obviously never to depend on someone else but I am doing just that.

    I know my capabilities, I know my strengths and often I have been asked to speak at events to encourage other women, but how can I conceptualise this to a profit making venture.



    Tsholofelo Letlhage September 30, 2015 @ 1:13 pm

    Wow! I wanna be like her.


    Gloria Mokoena December 25, 2015 @ 4:48 pm

    🙂 My phenomenal woman. Since the day i started following her, I begin to see myself through her in just a few years. I’m feel so blessed to have found someone to look up to. You both inspire a young lady like me to be great, God bless you ladies. I’m gonna stay set on my goal despite my circumstances ,and one day I. will achieve it, then I will tell you all about my journey. Lot of LOVE.

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