Traveling Tips For Tiny Tots

The thought of traveling with an infant is overwhelming and as much as it is impossible to guarantee a completely stress free trip, being properly prepared for our road trip and flights made all the difference to the experience.

At six weeks old we took Kairo’s on a four hour long road trip to KZN and we have taken her to Cape Town by plane twice already. She will be 15 weeks old this week. All traveling has been fairly easy and hassle free. She is not mobile yet, so keeping her happy is not that difficult.

Our Traveling Tips:
Visit your airline’s website for information and requirements for traveling with an infant and always check their particular baggage allowances as these do vary.

Timing is important. We plan our trips around feeding and nap times as far as possible. Kairo has slept for the majority of all our flights, after feeding during take-off.

Having the correct equipment and planning ahead has made traveling a pleasant experience for us. Most important for us is using a good car seat, a lightweight travel stoller, baby carrier and well prepared travel bag. These are our favourite traveling items and have made traveling with Kairo a pleasure. We will be reviewing these items in upcoming blog posts, so be on the lookout (-:
Sun shades are a must for road travel.

Bring a car seat even when flying, unless you have arranged to have one at your destination. The new regulation to the National Road Traffic Act, which makes the use of a child car seat for all children under age of three years compulsory, came into effect on May 1, 2015. We opted for the ultra light (4.2kg), yet robust and practical STOKKE IZI GO X1 by BESAFE.


We travel with the lightweight BABYZEN YOYO STROLLER. It weighs in at only 6kg, is super easy to use and fits into the overhead storage on the plane (that is if the airline will allow you to take it past the airplane door). We had to leave our stroller at the door and collect it again after disembarking. It still makes a huge difference being able to push your baby in a stroller up to the airplane door and onto a transferring bus to the airport terminal.

Arrive early at your gate and ask the attendant for a “Gate Check Tag” for your stroller. Be prepared to remove your sleeping baby from the stroller at the security check point in order for the stroller to be be x-rayed.

The YOYO is also versatile enough to take on other activities and performed very well during The Color Run in Cape Town (5km).


You can also check in your stroller with your bags if you prefer and then use a baby carrier. A baby carrier works well when you are traveling on your own with baby and need both hands free. We use the soft, structured STOKKE MY CARRIER with plenty of back support to free our hands for carrying luggage etc.


A giant diaper/nappy bag is a great investment. When traveling with a baby you need everything within arms reach and not stowed away in the overhead storage compartment of the airplane. Our CABOODLE SMART & SASSY BAG (main picture below) fits snugly underneath the seat in front of you for easy access. It has an insulated bottle pouch, large changing mat as well as see-thru pouch, not to mention all the pockets and Mom’s personal pocket!


Pack the diaper/nappy bag as if you’re going on a trip for a day. Include a change of clothes or two outfits, bottles, diapers, toys changing pad, baby wipes and utensils.

We pack the smaller CABOODLE EVERYDAY BAG (in the insert above) into our suitcase for use at our destination. It is perfect for a shorter outing or shopping trip.

Kairo is always dressed in layers in case the cabin temperature is too hot or cold. We also pack at least one spare change of clothes.

Avoid the stress of having a hungry baby and not having access to formula and water by packing extra pre-measured formula and bottles with pre-boiled water. Kairo will take a cold bottle without any fuss so we don’t have to worry if we can’t have the bottle heated. The insulated pouches in both of the CABOODLE BAGS do keep bottles warm for a few hours.

We always carry a light blanket as the cabin temperature can fluctuate and also to be prepared for colder weather conditions on arrival at our destination.

During take-off and landing we offer her a bottle or pacifier to help prevent ear pain.

What’s in my Caboodle Smart and Sassy Bag?
Every imaginable PIGEON product and a few other things … LOL !!!

Please bear in mind that I am packing for a 3 month old baby, which is different from packing for an older infant who is already on solids.

My list for road and air travel is the same. The only difference is that I have the choice of packing Kairo’s STOKKE FLEXI BATH and a big tub of Baby wipes for a road trip. If all depends on available space in the car.image

1 x (set of 3) PIGEON POWDER MILK CONTAINER containing measured formula feeds .. comes with a funnel for easy decanting.
4 x PIGEON bottles with pre-boiled water. I keep 2 in the insulated bottle pouches.
4 x PIGEON DISPISABLE BIBS … has a waterproof backing and is a practical and hygienic product for keeping baby dry while traveling.
1 x PIGEON SKINCARE COMBO PACK with the ittle 50ml bottles of Baby Shampoo, Liquid Soap, Oil, Powder and Lotion … so adorable and perfect for freshening up at the airport.
1 x small pack each of PIGEON CHAMROSE BABY WIPES (nappy changes) ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES, HAND AND MOUTH WIPES (to wipe dirty hands and faces) and MOSQUITO WIPES ( to keep nasty bugs at bay).
1 x Baby Banz sunglasses
3 x Small toys
1 x Sun Protection cream
2 x PIGEON Pacifiers;
1 x PIGEON Comb & Hairbrush Set;
5 x BABYJOY Diaper Pants
1 x Baby bum cream
2 x Burp cloths
4 x Small face cloths (for wiping dribbles)
1 x Pocket size pack of tissues
1 x Change of clothing for Kairo as well as a light jacket and blanket for on the plane.



Items to go in my suitcase:
1 x (set of 3) PIGEON POWDER MILK CONTAINER containing measured formula feeds
1 x PIGEON Bottle Brush
1 x PIGEON Liquid Cleanser ( for cleaning bottles and utensils)
1 x Formula
5 X BABYJOY Diaper Pants per day
1 X Baby bum cream
1 X Pack PIGEON cotton balls
1 X CABOODLE EVERYDAY BAG (for use on outings at our destination)
1 X ELEKTRA HEALTH+ thermometer
2 x Clothing changes per day


Follow their Instagram accounts here: Pigeon South Africa and BabyJoy South Africa

STOKKE, BESAFE and BABYZEN YOYO available at Born Fabulous and Kids Emporium.

Follow their Instagram accounts here:

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Happy traveling !!! (-:

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    Lebohang Tshoene October 21, 2015 @ 5:28 pm


    thank you for the post. Really convinient as il be air travelling,and its confusing sometimes not to know what to take. I am indeed educated, great post mommy


    Gugu Sono October 21, 2015 @ 5:58 pm

    Thank you so much for the post, I’m leaving for Cape Town on Friday and I was wondering what to pack, my little girl is 15 weeks but with this post I will nail it. You are God sent, be sure to put up more as Kairo gets older ??

  3. Lynn Forbes February 1, 2016 @ 1:11 pm

    Enjoy your travels !!

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