All Baby Wipes are Not Created Equally

Having a baby and using baby wipes, goes hand in hand … the one can’t do without the other. However, what I didn’t realise is that not all wipes are the same and there are many different kinds of wipes to suit different stages, which I soon found out after Kairo was born.

This is what I’ve learn about wipes from my FRIENDS at PIGEON SOUTH AFRICA and from using them myself over the last 5 months.

“When your baby is born their skin is very dry and it is important to use a wipe which provides gentle, thorough cleansing while protecting your baby’s delicate, sensitive skin.”

I found that both the Lansinoh Clean and Condition and Pigeon Chamrose Baby Wipes were wonderful in that they made sure that Kairo’s skin was well nourished and cared for at all times. What I love about these brands of wipes is that they are 100% alcohol free and unscented! So they won’t add to any skin condition which you or your baby may have. The Chamrose wipes are made from approved organic extracts of Chamomile (for calming and soothing the skin) and Rosehip (for moisturising the skin).


I only needed to use the Lansinoh Clean & Condition Wipes for the first 6-8 weeks and then moved onto the Pigeon Chamrose Baby Wipes which I am still using everyday with Kairo and I make sure to have a pocket size pack of the 30’s Chamrose Baby Wipes ready packed in her Caboodle Smart & Sassy Nappy Bag. To be honest, I enjoy the Lansinoh Clean and Condition Wipes so much that I have continued to use them alongside the Chamrose Baby Wipes.

Another wipe I have not been able to be without is the Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Wipes which comes in a handy nappy bag size of 20’s plus a 60’s pack for at home. They are great for disinfecting your hands on outings, baby’s pacifier, teethers, toys and feeding utensils. Made from 100% Food Grade ingredient it also kills 99.99% of bacteria and is certified by the AATCC (International Standard).


And now that Kairo is starting to wean I am discovering that the Pigeon Hand & Mouth Wet Tissues are ideal for cleaning Kairo’s inquisitive little hands, face and mouth which leaves her feeling fresh, comfortable and happy. Because they are also made from 100% Food Grade ingredients I don’t have to worry if Kairo decides to chew on the wipe, as they are completely safe! I have also discovered that on outings I can use these to clean fruits and vegetables before eating.

And who would have thought that on these hot summer nights whether at home or on the road, I would have to worry about how I was going to protect my baby from being eaten alive by mosquitos! The Pigeon Anti-Mosquito Wipes have been a winner and I could use them on Kairo from the time she was born. An extra bonus with these wipes is that they are suitable for all ages, so everyone’s skin gets protected. I also had peace of mind using these wipes as it contains a Deet-free formula and is effective for approximately 6 hours.


What I also love about these brand of wipes is that they are all extra soft with added thickness, the moisture balance is just right as they are not too wet, made from purified water and have been microbiologically tested to ensure it has a high standard of quality and hygiene.

I wrote a blog (review) about BabyJoy Pants Diapers a while back. You can read the review here. BabyJoy is a Japanese leading brand of diapers which have been around for 55 years and is a leading brand in the countries where they are sold overseas.

I have only ever used BabyJoy Pants for Kairo, together with the Lansinoh and Pigeon Wipes discussed above.


Kairo uses on average 4 diapers in a 24 hour period and I am thrilled that she has never had a nappy rash or any other diaper related discomfort since the day she was born!

We are currently running a BabyJoy Pants and Lansinoh/Pigeon Baby Wipes Competition. Enter the competition here if you want to stand a chance of winning this fantastic Diaper and Baby Wipes Hamper worth R660.00!!


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    Lebogang December 7, 2015 @ 7:43 pm

    Great review! I’ve used Pigeon wipes from day one and two years later, I still think they are the best on the market. ?


    Nthabi December 15, 2015 @ 3:30 pm

    Very informative post. Who knew there were so many variations of wipes. Thank-you.


    Tamara December 17, 2015 @ 8:47 pm

    Baby Joy Pants Diapers

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