Tis the Season for ICE TEA!

With tea there generally isn’t seasonal preferences. Tea is a refreshing drink to be enjoyed hot, cold or even frozen, throughout the day and all year round and continues to be the ultimate way to pamper oneself after a long day.

In summer, I still enjoy hot tea but I will make ice tea from time to time, especially when spending a day with kids. The little ones really enjoy ice tea popsicles.

The heatwave that has hit South Africa is unbearable and has us yearning for cooler days. Whatever the impact of global warming, there is a perfect drink for hot summer days. Nothing is quite as refreshing as a tall glass of freshly prepared, chilled ice tea. The perfect cold beverage for the entire family.

Tis the season for INDULGENCE: family time, fun in the sun, shopping, picnics, long lazy lunches, extra cold drinks and delicious ICE TEAS !!!


What is ice tea? How do you make it? What tea is used for ice tea? It’s refreshing but is it really healthy?

As we focus on all there is to know about ice tea I will also share a couple of unique tea gift ideas available at our stores.

You may have noticed that many retailers sell ready-made ice teas. These ready-made teas are convenient, but they tend to be loaded with hidden sugars and preservatives, so I suggest making your own healthy version.

Ice tea is simply any type of tea that is served chilled or with ice. All teas can be made into ice tea and the type of tea you use is a personal preference.


Black tea is rich in flavour and is a classic choice for making ice tea. For a refreshing detoxing beverage, make your ice tea using green tea and to spoil the entire family, even toddlers, I advise that you use rooibos, herbal and fruit teas because these are caffeine free.

Making your own ice tea gives you an opportunity to fuse different flavours to design your own summer creation. For an adventurous twist, add pieces of fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice, vegetables, herbs and fresh flowers. These additional ingredients will make the tea rich in flavour and give you a visually interesting beverage. The different combinations of flavourings are seemingly endless. You have the opportunity to experiment and have fun with it.

At The Tea Merchant we have a selection of fruit tea blends which are perfect for ice teas to satisfy every palate.


Most of us are in holiday mode and if you are like me, this December, I’m all about poolside lounging and lazy afternoons with family and friends. I’m not planning on doing anything that requires too much physical exertion or brain power. With that said, making iced tea meets my criteria perfectly as it is really easy to make.

To make ice tea you can brew hot tea as per usual in a teapot and either chill it in the fridge or alternatively you can let it cool down by pouring the hot tea over ice. Do make the tea strong to keep it delightfully flavourful. There is no right and wrong way, making tea remains a personal preference and taste.

Ice tea is refreshing and can be enjoyed from breakfast to dinner. Why don’t you replace fizzy drinks and juices with ice tea this summer? Just remember that drinking tea should be a pleasant experience.

Happy ice tea making …

My 2015 Tea Gift Guide 


Normally when I leave home in the morning, I take a tin or two of my own tea together with an infuser with me. That way I have an assured supply of great tea, as long as I can find hot water.


Novelty infusers/strainers (a device used to make loose leaf tea in a cup or a teapot) are perfect for travelling and to use in the office and makes a great gift for tea lovers!

What’s the perfect loose leaf teas without a matching teapot? Another great gift idea is a teapot made from cast iron, glass, stainless steel or borosilicate.


Visit a The Tea Merchant store at Clearwater Mall, Cresta Shopping Centre, Fourways mall, Dainfern square or Woodlands Boulevard – (PTA) for your tea experience or to find the perfect gift for someone special.

Invite us to your event or ask any question by sending an email to dee@theteamerchant.co.za.

As we get ready to bid 2015 farewell, with work and school out of the way, lets dedicate the last few days to pampering … with TEA.

Lookout for my January competition and next post on … DETOX TEA … right here on momentsbydjzinhle.com

Love & Tea




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    Lwandile December 17, 2015 @ 10:19 am

    You read my mind, beautiful piece.?

  2. pzondani@mandelametro.gov.za'

    emaransa February 22, 2016 @ 2:42 pm

    i also ice tea to make sure i drink my litres of water, i make my own with green tea and cranberry juice.

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