Open Letter to DJ Zinhle – Teboho Thuswa

I often wonder to what extent, what I stand for and advocate as a women, gets noticed and makes an impact on society.

People always send me emails and messages about what something I have said or done, has meant to them. I really appreciate these messages because as much as we don’t do it for the approval or praise from anyone, as human beings it is important to all of us to know that we are making a difference and touching the lives of others.

22 Year old Teboho Thuswa, Speaker and Actor, recently wrote an open letter to me. I would like to share the link to that letter with you because what he writes about is not only about me but is also representative of other ordinary South African women who have beaten the odds to do something noteworthy for themselves and for our country.

Toboho’s letter also inspires hope for every other South African women today. He says that he wrote the letter because he feels that South Africans, especially women can learn a lot from it. He also feels that our youth needs to see the letter as there is so much negativity in our society.

Teboho, thank yo for your kind words and for taking the time to write this letter. I appreciate your time and your words and trust that it will benefit someone else in a profound way.

The full letter can be found here

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    Sipho molepo January 16, 2016 @ 3:09 am

    What a inspiring letter

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