Cryo-Save Educates Expectant Moms & Dads During Pregnancy Awareness Month

When I fell pregnant with Kairo, I had very little information related to having a baby and the options I had for giving birth. I made a point of finding out as much as possible and I will be forever grateful that I found out about the importance of preserving and storing Kairo’s umbilical cord blood stem cells at birth. That was the one and only opportunity we had to take out this “insurance” for treating future diseases or serious illnesses that she could possibly encounter in the future. At the time of her birth, Kairo’s umbilical cord  blood  stem cells were collected by the medical team in attendance and has subsequently been stored with Cryo-Save South Africa.

I am on a mission to help educate others, creating awareness about issues affecting our lives and being proactive in caring for our families. It is Pregnancy Awareness Month and therefore I would like to share information on the subject with you.

imageFinalising the Cryo-Save paperwork before Kairo’s birth gave us the peace of mind that everything would be taken care of by a professional medical team. We could enjoy the birth of our precious daughter, knowing that we have given her the best health care options for the future.


February is Pregnancy Awareness month and Cryo-Save, a private family Cord Blood storage bank would like to encourage South African moms and dads to do their homework when considering to store their baby’s cord blood stem cells. More and more expectant parents are considering umbilical cord stem cells of babies for potentially life-saving treatments.

At birth, the baby’s umbilical cord is filled with millions of precious stem cells. These cells are young and untainted, making cord blood stem cells the purest form of non-embryonic stem cells available today. These cells, which are a perfect match for your baby, provide an option for treating diseases for which a stem cell transplant is indicated, such as bone marrow failure or leukaemia. They will also have an excellent chance (1:4) of being a match for a sibling (brother or sister). There are currently more than 70 diseases treated with stem cells, and worldwide more than 30,000 allogeneic cord blood transplants have been performed to date.

IMG_8773Kairo’s birth 

Storing your child’s umbilical cord has a multitude of potential benefits. At birth, the surplus blood which remains in the umbilical cord can be saved for potential treatments. The umbilical cord tissue itself contains another unique type of stem cell. These remarkable cells have the potential to repair damaged tissues such as cartilage, bone, muscle or nerves. Research into these new applications is ongoing and the future holds many exciting possibilities.

Collecting your baby’s cord blood stem cells at birth is completely non-invasive and does not interfere with your birthing plan at all. Your umbilical cord stem cells will be processed and cryogenically stored at ultra-low temperatures of below -190 degrees Celsius and cryopreservation lasts for over 20 years. The sample is immediately available if transplantation is requested for one of the diseases currently being treated with stem cells. Rather than just discarding umbilical cord blood, more parents worldwide are choosing to store their baby’s stem to be prepared for unforeseen health challenges. Visit for more information.

imageVisiting the Cryo-Save Laboratory in Pretoria as part of my ongoing education on Umbilical Blood Stem Cell Storage.

About Cryo-Save South Africa:

Cryo-Save South Africa is part of the Cryo-Save Group, Europe’s and Africa’s largest private human stem cell bank.  Through its 5 international labs, Cryo-Save globally stores more than 250 000 samples.  In 2009, Cryo-Save became the first lab in the world to offer a validated cord tissue stem cell storage service and in 2013 provides unique viability testing on cord tissue to assess viability.  Driven by its international business strategy, Cryo-Save is now represented in over 40 countries on six continents with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities in Belgium, Germany, Dubai, India and South Africa. Cryo-Save South Africa is owned by two publicly listed companies, providing unmatched financial security for your investment. The South African lab sets the benchmark for blood banking laboratories in Africa and is situated in Pretoria. For more information on Cryo-Save or Stem Cell Storage contact 0860 783 6231 or


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