Era By DJ Zinhle “Share The Promise Of Love” Competition Winners


Share The Promise Of Love 

Thank you to everyone who shared their promise of love with me. I enjoyed reading your stories so much. It feels good to know that there is so much love around us. Continue to treasure the people who genuinely care for you and love you unconditionally. I wish I could give a set of Era watches to everyone who entered the competition.
Lots of love …

And the winners are …

Nompumelelo Jantjie – “I would love to share the promise of love with my lovely, funny high school friend Ephelia as we celebrate our 10th year of friendship. I can’t help it but blast out of laughter when i think of her, she is so crazy and she just gets me. But most importantly i love how our friendship has grown and how she is totally able to be frank and honest with me all times. You know shes a real friend when she is even able to tell you when you are wrong but knowing that its coming from a place of love. Mare shes always late , smh, i even came up with a solution that i would tell her that we meeting at 10am if its 11am and shes still late? , and when shes early i know its raining candy floss that day?. I love that bhuba of mine regardlessly though.”

Dee Delekisa -Koko – “I’d like to share my “Era promise of love” with my amazing husband of almost 7 years, Kgabo. He’s such a gentle, loving soul who deserves all the joy in the world. We’ve been through so many family tragedies together, and I’ve watched him battle with the thought of giving up hope yet winning EVERY SINGLE TIME. He’s been knocked down numerous times but he remains courageous and determined to do better, to show more of his love to me and our 3 little girls. I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else! I know things are difficult for us financially but this too shall pass. I’m thankful that nothing – no matter how hectic – can steal from our love. My best friend. My heart’s keeper.”

Bokang Phore – ” You are such an inspiration DjZinhle. Thank you for words of wisdom, I promise to love myself so that loving others will come easy. mwah!! ”





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    Nompumelelo February 16, 2016 @ 11:17 pm

    Many many many thanks to you Dj Zinhle and your team. I can already imagine how she’ll sing and dance when i tell her ☺️. Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to show my Ephieza how much she means to me!

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