The Journey Continues With WHITE TEA.

It is always advisable to share your love of things with the people around you. Well, those around me have become mini tea connoisseurs. If I haven’t said it before let me say it again… I’m all about tea.

I try to know all there is to know, what can be done and who is doing what in the tea space and share all this with those around me. Those who dare ask me how is the tea business going will not get a mini lecture but a tea experience as well …hahaha.


In this edition I wanted to share a different perspective … information from somebody who I share everything including my obsession with, my hubby. You have to understand that in my household tea is discussed just as we discuss the SONA or any other current affairs. We started our conversation around white tea and this is how it went:

Me: What is White Tea?

Hubby: Well I certainly remember the day you made us taste tea while on holiday. White tea leaves are small and are almost white in colour.

Me: Mhh yeah Huuh (rolling my eyes)

Hubby: Didn’t we have plenty of white tea? I don’t remember what it tastes like though.

While I sadly realised that Hubby has no clue what white tea is, I decided that I will let him proof read this piece just so that he at least reads up on this subject, seeing that the conversation we had didn’t quite get anywhere.

I trust we all still on the journey to becoming the best we can be: diet, exercise and healthy living. You can read all about the previous detoxing blog post here


China`s best kept secret has to be white tea. Again, all tea (green, black, white, puer) comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis and the colour of tea depends on its level of oxidation. Oxidation meaning the time length of the tea production process. White tea comes from the youngest and most tender hand-picked leaf tips and buds of the Comellia Sinensis tea plant, which is mostly harvested in the Fujian province of China. A tea bud is the infant stage of a tea leaf and harvested before it grows into a leaf. The name white tea comes from the fact that the freshly harvested tea buds are still covered with fine, white hairs. The processing is quite different in that; instead of rolling and fermenting the tea, white tea growers only lightly steam the delicate buds or the first leaves. So white tea keeps more of its health-giving properties. White tea that has been properly brewed has a golden hue, fresh scent and mild taste. A high quality white tastes deliciously sweet. White tea is one of the most expensive teas produced because of the strenuous and detail oriented process.

Storing and Brewing:

Due to the delicacy of white tea, the following are imperative with regards to storing and brewing the tea:

  1. Storing
  • Store in a cool, dry place or in refrigerator
  • Store in air tight container
  1. Brewing
  • A teaspoon of white loose leaf tea is sufficient for 300ml mug/ 1 teabag a mug
  • Let the water cool after bringing to a boil before you pour on the tea
  • Steeping time to be kept to min 1-3min max


Benefits of White tea:

The benefits of white tea vary widely. It has been known for quite some time that tea contains antioxidants which can help slow free radicals that lead to ageing, cancer, diabetes and more. Because white tea is carefully harvested and processed, it contains far more antioxidants than any other form of tea, even the highly popular green variety. White tea is often viewed as similar or even equivalent to green tea in terms of health benefits. White tea tastes more like green tea than darker teas such as Oolong or Black tea. Drinking white tea has been proven to be a healthy way to help promote weight loss because of its high antioxidants properties.

P.S. Please do not quote me and expect to loose 10kg’s while eating a quarter meal of some sort with no exercise … haha

Additional benefits of white tea include:

  • Caffeine – Caffeine also increases the body’s metabolism to help you lose weight and acts as a diuretic which can lower blood pressure. White tea contains much less caffeine than all other forms of tea, allowing people to reap caffeine’s benefits without becoming dehydrated.
  • Strong bones – Research has shown that people who drink white tea on a regular basis have a greater bone density than those who do not. For this reason, one of the other benefits of white tea may be the offset of osteoporosis and relief from arthritis.
  • Oral health– The fluoride content found in white tea is known to be effective in reducing dental caries or tooth decay/ cavity.


I always find it interesting to get feedback from customers with regards to the teas. One customer said she uses brewed white to make her facial mask at home. But of course you would, with all the antioxidants in the tea she said it did wonders to her skin.

I particular enjoy the white teas for the mild, delicate and smooth flavour. I always tell customers that it is the perfect pair for high tea. Because white tea is so subtle in taste you can pair white tea with cheeses, deserts, pastries and savoury dishes. Are you planning on hosting a high tea event in the near future? Visit one of my The Tea Merchant Stores to organise for a private tea tasting of our white teas, or better yet, why don’t we host your high tea/baby-shower event at our tea room in Dainfern Square.

Visit any of the stores at Clearwater Mall, Cresta Shopping Centre, Fourways mall, Dainfern square and Woodlands Boulevard – (PTA) for your tea experience.  Invite us to your event or ask any question by sending an email to

Love & Tea



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    Lwandile February 16, 2016 @ 3:46 pm

    As always I enjoy the read and looking forward to the next one…love always ?


    Nai February 17, 2016 @ 12:52 am

    White tea is my absolute favourite especially the Blueberry white tea.

    Thank you for the lesson. I’ll savour my teatime even more. ❤


    emaransa February 22, 2016 @ 1:37 pm

    we learn new things everyday.

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