My Breastfeeding Journey with Pigeon and Lansinoh

February was National Pregnancy Awareness Month and with many Hospitals and Clinics still holding workshops and maternity open days to promote pregnancy awareness, I thought it would be a good time to share some more of my personal experience with breastfeeding Kairo.

I breastfed my baby for 2 months exclusively and then managed about another month of combination feeding with breastmilk and formula, before I reluctantly had to stop breastfeeding entirely due to circumstances beyond my control.

Even though I breastfed Kairo for a short period of time, moving onto combination feeding with expressed breast milk and ultimately onto formula, I feel good about being able to give Kairo this wonderful start in life as the benefits for both myself and Kairo were immeasurable.

I am very grateful that I could breastfeed Kairo as any period of breastfeeding is beneficial to an infant and mother. I have read many articles about the benefits of breastfeeding, even if only for 4 weeks after the birth of your baby. It is always beneficial.

Breastfeeding is really the best gift a mother can give her baby. I wrote another blog about breastfeeding when Kairo was about 2 weeks old and I will always encourage mothers to breastfeed if it is possible for them to do so. You can read my previous blog on breastfeeding here

Having said that, to breastfeed or not to breastfeed your baby is a personal decision. We all have the right to choose and we all find ourselves in different situations. Always remember that mothers are people too and we should never be made to feel guilty about choosing not to breastfeed our baby. It does not make us less of a mother than anyone else.

Research has shown that Breastfeeding has a direct impact on Early Childhood Development in the following areas:

1. Breastfeeding has significant nutritional and health benefits for the infant.

2. Breastfeeding plays a significant role in the social and emotional development of the child.

3. Breastfeeding boosts brain and cognitive development.

I would like to share with you some of the products from Pigeon and Lansinoh, which contributed to making breastfeeding a positive experience for me. I honestly cannot imagine breastfeeding without these products. As a matter of interest the Lansinoh brand is owned by the Pigeon Corporation in Japan.

Pigeon Honeycomb Breast Pads. The special absorbent polymer and breathable stay-dry lining kept me dry both inside and out. I was able to ensure a snug fit by securing the pad to my bra with the special adhesive tapes. They maintained their form and smooth shape which made it possible for me to carry on wearing tight fitting tops. What I enjoyed most about them is that I didn’t have to take the whole box of pads with me on outings or travelling, as each breast pad is individually wrapped which is such a win.  Another plus, being so absorbent I only had to change three times a day in the early weeks when I was establishing my breastfeeding and then only once a day after that.


Lansinoh Nipple Cream which gave my nipples all the protection it needed to prevent cracking. Made from the world’s purest lanolin, it is 100% natural and hypoallergenic which made it safe for me and Kairo. The added bonus is that I did not need to remove it before breastfeeding as it was safe for Kairo.


I got enormous relief by using the Lansinoh 3-in-1 Therapearl Hot & Cold Breast Therapy for engorgement, swelling and discomfort which comes with the establishment of breast milk.  Fortunately, I never suffered with mastitis or plugged ducts, but apparently using the Hot Therapy relieves these symptoms which I can believe as I know how much relief I had by using the cold therapy for my engorgement. A plus I found with the Therapearl was when I would want to express some milk with my breast pump in between feeds and needed to stimulate a let-down, I would use the hot/warm therapy while attaching the Therapearl to my Breast Pump and this was fantastic in encouraging a quick let-down.SetRatioSize300300-LA12-Breast-TherapySome of us are lucky enough not to suffer with cracked nipples and then there are those of us who just don’t manage to escape it. I was one of the lucky ones and I can only imagine how painful cracked nipples must be. For those suffering from cracked nipples, I do know that the Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads gives instant cooling relief as the soft fabric backing protects nipples from friction.  These gel pads are safe and absorbent and are reusable for up to 72 hours, after that they have to be thrown away. They also come with a handy reusable storage tray.


While the Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads help to soothe and heal your nipples you are able to continue breastfeeding your baby with Pigeon’s Nipple Shields. They are amazing as they have a cut-out section on the top of the shield which made it possible for your baby to still have skin-to-skin contact with you. The shield is also designed in such a way that when your baby nurse from the teat on the shield it protects your nipple, making for pain-free nursing. No compromising!SetRatioSize300300-Q5I could not have managed without my LANSINOH DOUBLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP to ensure that I had a sufficient supply of expressed breast milk stashed away in my freezer, especially with my demanding schedule which I continued to keep straight after the birth. This pump is amazing as it has two separate phases – a Let-down and Expression Phase together with 3 Pumping styles which I was able to tailor to maximise my milk production whilst expressing to suit my level of comfort. It also has the added benefit that I could also use it as a single pump. It was great for travelling around with as it could be used with batteries although it comes with an AC Adaptor. This pump comes with two teats to change the breast milk storage bottle attached to the pumps into feeding bottles. These teats and bottles are the same as the Pigeon SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS Nursers and Nipples with natural feeding motion which made sure that Kairo experienced no nipple confusion and was able to move from breast to bottle without compromising my breastfeeding.  We also noticed that Kairo’s level of colic did not increase or get worse when she was combination fed, she presented with the same as when breastfed. Even though Kairo is not being breastfed I know that Kairo’s oral development is not being compromised by nursing off the Pigeon SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS system.


The LANSINOH MILK STORAGE BAGS were an absolute must as they safely stored my breast milk in the freezer. They have a secure, leak-proof double seal together with a gusseted bottom which allows for expansion. They are pre-sterilised and easy to dispense into Kairo’s bottles with convenient write-on tab. Each bag stored 180 ml of breast milk and although I never managed to breastfeed for 6 months, these bags safely store breast milk in the freezer for up to 6 months.


Whenever I had to attend meetings and I took Kairo along, I could safely transport my breast milk in Pigeon’s Breastmilk Cooler Bag, which became my best companion. When travelling I could pack in 5 breast milk storage bottles which kept cool for up to 12 hours. It made breastfeeding and combination feeding on the go, such a pleasure!


It’s also great to know that all these products are have been designed by Doctors, are recommended by Lactation Consultants and are BPA Free. All Pigeon and Lansinoh products are available at Baby City outlets countrywide.

We would love to bring a smile to your Breastfeeding Journey too, by giving away THREE Pigeon/Lansinoh Breastfeeding Hampers to the value of R 700.00 each. 

Look out for our Pigeon/Lansinoh Breastfeeding Competition this coming Friday on



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    kamogelo Lekalakala March 22, 2016 @ 6:41 pm

    1a)Pigeon’s Breastmilk Cooler Bag,because you could pack in 5 breast milk storage bottles which kept cool for up to 12 hours. It made breastfeeding and combination feeding a pleasure.

    b) I have a six month old baby boy. I believe i should win because due to health reasons i am not allowed to gibe my son exclusive formular. I have tried to express but I could not fill half a cup. This has also made it difficult for me to look for employment.


    Nonkululeko Ntuli March 22, 2016 @ 7:05 pm

    1.your best breastfeeding companion was the pigeons breastmilk cooler bag. 2.the reason I should be the one winning this pigeon hamper is that am a new mom and on the 24th my baby will be turning a month.and on the 11th of March he got admitted at the hospital only 2 weeks old and the hospital told me I can’t stay over night to breastfeed my baby they only allow babies iat night mothers only come in at 7am to 7pm it was very hard for me because the only option was for the hospital to give him fomular at night and I allowed that he stayed there for a week and came back home healthy as ever but the problem was that he was now used to the formulae and didn’t even want to be breastfeeded it was hard I had to force him but now it’s better .so I feel I need it because I want to breastfeed him for 6 months or even more and I also need to do things outside of home and leave him behind and he needs his milk thank you


    Clarah Mahlangu March 23, 2016 @ 8:32 pm

    1a) Pigeon’s Breastmilk Coolerbag became your best breastfeeding companion because you can pack in 5 breast milk bottles which keeps cool for up to 12 hours when traveling.

    b) I think I should win this awesome prize because I am soon to be mom again in just eleven weeks to come. Which I am very excited about it and having this prize will definitely mean a lot to me and keep my baby fed with breast milk even when I go back to work. That will mean a lot to me and my unborn child.

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