#fitMOMents Part 4 – Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels

No! Nothing Tastes as Good as HEALTHY Feels !

Its about choosing health and wellness and nurturing a fit mind, body and soul. It’s about loving yourself and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

This is the final instalment of my #fitMOMents series and what an incredible 9 weeks it has been. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we make a decision and apply ourselves consistently. I have a surprise for you at the end of the post so keep reading …


Do you remember my first blog of 2016, which was published on 13 January 2015? It is titled Your Best Year Yet. If you want to know where my #fitMOMents series stems from, I suggest you start by reading this blog first. By reading this, you will understand why I have been able to achieve what I have, over the last 9 weeks.

” I am going to get fit, toned and healthy by exercising for at least 30 minutes, at least 3 days per week. I will lose at least 10kg’s before the end of May 2016 because I have the nutritional and weight loss tools and knowledge required to achieve this. I have made a firm decision and I will make it happen.”  
According To Glammy (Your Best Year Yet )

 Success always starts with a decision … in fact, success is a decision.

IMG_2447My weight loss week 1-5. My starting weight on 8 January was 71.9kg’s.

So here I am 9 weeks down the line. What happened to losing 10kg’s before the end of May?

I am happy to announce that I have lost over 8kg’s in the first 45 days ! Thats over 8kg’s in only 6 weeks and today I am starting week 10 …

I am tempted to post a picture of my bathroom scale showing my weight this morning! How I wish I could post the most recent photos of myself! I just want to wish blurt it all out ! But … you’ll have to wait a while longer …

I am excited about the future. My body is so much more toned, I feel great and I look amazing. I am healthy, happy and grateful. I have skipped the occasional exercise session or two but I have not skipped a full week of exercise since January. I have also been extremely good about following a healthy eating plan. It’s all about consistency.

I made a decision and yes I have been consistent but what exactly did I eat? That is the question I get asked all the time! I am using a programme called Healthpointe.

Healthpointe is not a programme that can be shared on email or WhatsApp. It is a programme that I bought and it has been worth every cent. It is not expensive at all, it is easy to understand and easy to do but it does require focus and commitment. In order to successfully lose weight on Healthpointe and maintain  your weight loss, you will need to be equipped with the correct information and tools and preferably have the support of someone who has experience with the programme. Once you are on your way you will feel great, lose weight quickly and have high levels of energy.

I have mentioned the Healthpointe programme a few times and in my blog, Value Your Relationships, I briefly spoke about Dr. Ruth Greeff, who introduced me to Healthpointe and supported me when I first started on the programme. Dr. Greeff has a Ph.D. (Nutrition) and with her nutritional background and experience, I can’t think of anyone more equipped to talk to you about Nutrition and Weight loss.

“The Healthpointe programme will help you break the diet cycle and learn to reset your hormones and metabolism to get your brain, body and gut working for you instead of against you. On the programme you will learn to identify true hunger and you’ll eat often – and you’ll eat well. You have a choice of proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables and tasty snacks, designed to help you control cravings and lose weight fast. It is fast and focused and you will get the results you want – you will lose fat where you gained it and all this with no gimmicks.

The most amazing part of the programme is how the body is directed to use your stored fat as fuel allowing you to lose fat where it accumulates. Those “love handles” we can’t lose and that last 3 kgs that never budge, that is where this program is uniquely effective. Can you focus for 28 days to lose the weight? That’s how long the weight loss phase lasts and the most unique part of this program is learning to keep the weight off for ever!” – Dr Ruth Greeff (Ph.D) Nutrition 

Last year I was suffering from Excusitis, finding every excuse and reason under the sun, why I could not find time to exercise or why I was not eating healthier meals. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I do set goals and early this year I made a decision to become more solution orientated and to tackle my “time excuse”. I also made a firm decision to address my not-so-healthy eating habits.

I guess this was when my #fitMOMents series was born. In #fitMOMents Part 1 – Be The Solution, I finally addressed my own excuses.

“What I want to share with you is how I solved a problem and made my situation work for me. This is for anyone who is serious about making a change and who wants to stop making excuses. I am writing this for people who are looking for solutions.”
According To Glammy (#fitMOMents Part 1 – Be The Solution)

At this point I was on a be-the-solution high, to the extent that I developed my own exercise programme, The Glam Workout (part 2 of my #fitMOMents series) I love the name … it makes me feel oh so glamorous. I also thoroughly enjoy the workout! It is extremely effective and very flexible which makes it suitable for any level of fitness.

The Glam Workout incorporates Early Childhood Development activities into my exercise routines, which I do with Kairo when she is visiting or when I visit her. We have so much fun together, she thinks we’re playing a game! When Kairo is not around I can happily do my workout without her. During The Glam Workout I do a lot of the BrainBoosters Parenting Programme with Kairo and she does not even realise that she is learning. She is learning through play and I am getting a very effective workout. It’s a win-win solution !

“I chose a simple workout that would be fun to do, help me lose weight, tone muscles and at the same time, spend quality time with Kairo.”
According To Glammy (#fitMOMents Part 2 – The Glam Workout)


That brings me to another one of my blogs, Value Your Relationships, which leads into Part 3 of the #fitMOMents series, The First 1000 Days of Your Child’s Life and this blog, Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels. In Value Your Relationships, I introduce the two women who have been instrumental in fostering my keen interest in the areas of Early Childhood Development and Health and Wellness, respectively. They are Lynda Smith and Dr. Ruth Greeff. Two women whom I have an enormous amount of respect for and whom I have once again been afforded the opportunity to work.

I am blessed, happy and grateful.

Value your relationships, you never know where they will take you or the abundance that they will bring into your life.
According To Glammy (Value Your Relationships)

During April, we will be offering a group of ladies the opportunity to spend a morning with Dj Zinhle, Dr.Ruth Greeff and Glammy (that’s me)!

There will be Healthpointe product give-aways, special offers, support and coaching for your first few weeks on the programme. There is also the possibility of you being included in a MOMentsbydjzinle.com Healthpointe Trial and a fabulous prize for the Biggest Loser on the trial.

The ultimate goal will be for you to successfully reach your weight loss goals on the Healthpointe programme, to have access to the information and the support you need to lose the weight and keep it off.

Be on the lookout for more details on this during the first week of April.

If you are interested in the Healthpointe programme for the purpose of losing weight or simply to adopt a more healthy way of eating, please email me on lynnreedforbes@gmail.com

Thank you for joining me and for reading my #fitMOMents blogs. I appreciate your support and I trust that you have enjoyed reading the series just as much as I have enjoyed writing it and sharing it with you.

I look forward to hearing about your success stories soon!

Life is Love



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  1. qondy@yahoo.com'

    Qondi March 25, 2016 @ 10:52 am

    Thank you thank you
    I have been trying to lose weight but just can’t focus I miss gym n and up eating junk I’m so sending the email……

  2. Sharonolebogeng@gmail.com'

    Refilwe Mashaba March 29, 2016 @ 7:51 pm

    Wow theses series have been nothing but motivation I must say,Glammy you are a blessing…I have emailed you and I can’t wait to join the program and loss weight and be a blessing to others on losing weight…..

    Dream body here I come*excited* can’t wait!!!!

    • Lynn Forbes March 30, 2016 @ 4:02 pm

      Hi Refilwe, I am thrilled that you got inspired through the series. I would love to have you on the programme, all the best!


  3. daniphala@hotmail.com'

    Dani May 14, 2016 @ 10:19 pm

    I would really like to thank you for all your wise words, i ran into your blog by chance or rather my own curiosity and i am thankful that curiosity brought me to you. Your blogs are so easy to read, so refreshing and informative, your choice of words and how to choose to reflect on your experiences – you have truly gotten me excited about being a better ME – to be More than what i am, because i am capable.
    So this is me kicking excuses to the curve and focusing on making informed decisions which will direct me to my goals.

    I will definitely mail you regarding þhe weight loss programme! Cant wait!!!.

    Ps. I might still be new to this world of blogging but i found it quite hard to follow your blog in sequence- i had to go through many links to find each series as this particular topic was of interest to me, however, overall, the read was very worthwhile.

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