No Matter How Big or Small, Make Your Impact

I have just been reduced to tears … happy tears because I have impacted someone’s life in such a profound manner and affected another human being in such a positive way. I was touched in such a way that I stopped what I was doing and started writing this blog.

Since I started blogging last year, I have received countless emails from my social media followers and readers of the blog. When I started documenting my weight loss journey and healthier lifestyle on the blog, the emails increased threefold.

I honestly appreciate every person who took the time to write to me and I am very grateful that there are so many people who enjoy my blogs and find inspiration in my words.

Today I received an email which touched me in a way I can’t describe. It meant so much to me because it spoke to everything that I strive to be. I am humbled, grateful and blessed.

We often go about our daily lives without much thought and consideration for the impact that our words and actions have on others. We don’t always realise how even the little things we do or say affects the next person.

In one of my very first blogs, Change The Scary Monster, I wrote: “By sharing this, I trust that I will touch the life of at least one person and through that person I will impact the lives of many generations to come.”

I wish I could share the full email but to protect the privacy of the writer, I will share only parts of it.


Words can only try to describe the level of impact you have had on my life. I also just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you.

I consider you a public figure and I wanted you to know that you have fans and people that look up to you. You may not touch everyone on earth, but trust me you have touched my life and many more.

I love and admire your love and passion for family. You have totally revamped my perception of family and love, in-laws, friendship, etc.
You as a woman inspire me. In part 2 of your workout, I was inspired to begin jogging early in the morning for 30min at 5h30 am. This has totally revitalised my mind, body and soul.

I feel so, so, so good but I still need to do more. I want to do this for myself.

May God bless u more and more Glammy. Continue being a blessing to us out there.”


How do one begin to inspire others or make a positive impact? I believe you need to find your passion and live it. My talent and passion is to love and to give of myself. What is yours?

Once we have identified our talent and passion and believe in it, anything is possible. Let’s grasp every opportunity to expand our sphere of influence and our impact will be way bigger than we think.

Let’s believe that we are capable of making a noticeable difference and start taking our dreams and our beliefs seriously. As soon as we do this, others will follow because they have the same beliefs. You are not alone, there are others who share your beliefs and they will follow your lead. This is when change starts happening.

To the young lady who send this email to me, you have made an impact on my life today. Thank you.

No matter how big or how small, make your impact.

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    Bronwyn March 31, 2016 @ 12:23 am

    Wow you brought tears to my eyes glammy .This blog is a true inspiration and as one mother to another I salute you .

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