Moments with Our #WCW – Nomndeni Mdakhi

Welcome to the first edition of “Moments with Our #WCW”. By now you know how proud and passionate I am about women, their work and achievements. There are many women who are doing amazing things and I feel that there are not enough platforms sharing these inspiring stories. More  importantly no one is really talking to these amazing women to find out what inspires them, whether they are faced with any challenges, how they have overcome these challenges and what is required of them on a daily basis  to stay on top of their game.

Every Wednesday, I will be talking to a wonderful, successful, hardworking, inspiring and courageous woman.

Today I am sitting down with a woman who has inspired me in so many ways. I have watched her defy the odds. She is unapologetic, brave and hardworking. I look at her and wish that all women could possess the courage and determination she has. She has been my best friend for over 15 years and with her I have experienced life not just through my own eyes, but also through the eyes of a woman who believes that the world is hers to take on. Laugher is a big part of our lives, especially during tough times.

She is a wife, mother, business woman, Godmother to my daughter and the proud owner of Edits Communications, Nomndeni Mdakhi. Edits Communications is an independent, Johannesburg based communications agency specialising in PR, Experiential Branding and Talent Marketing. Read more here.


Q: What do you think would surprise people about our much publicised FRIENDSHIP?
A: Just how different we are. I think we have become more alike because of the time we have spent together but our preferences are different in many ways.

Q: I am a new mom and you have been at it for a long time. How have you managed to maintain the connection with your kids, especially with a hectic schedule?
A: I try and be present in each moment as much as I can. When I am at work I am at work. When I am with family, work will sort it self out. No one will die. I also just started a journal that I share with my 11-year old daughter. No matter where I am, she can pull it out and write a note to me about how she feels and what she wants. I then respond in the book as well. It has helped me understand her better and our relationship is has become more open.

Q: Is it possible to find a balance between work and personal life as a women entrepreneur and mother?
A: I don’t know. I do as much good as I can. I don’t know if the balance exists, I just try.

Q: I know how much you love entrepreneurship, what excites you about being a young business woman?
A: I love creating. I think there is power in being an entrepreneur that people dismiss. We are creators. Everything you see around us, was once a thought. I love seeing ideas come to life. I love communicating those ideas in a way that makes people believe all these things matter. The truth is they don’t, but its exciting telling people that they do.

Q: I don’t think people know how much of a risk taker you are. To be honest, sometimes you scare me. What gives you courage?
A: I believe that life is a gift that should be treasured and I am going to maximise mine. I am very calculated in my risks but I hate the fear of fear. My actions are based more on being stubborn than risk taking. When someone says it can’t be done, I want to do it. I stay in my lane though and I am also moved by passion.

Q: How do you fill your inspirational tank and how quickly does it dry up?
A: I believe that the commitment to a better life is a daily decision. I have routines that fill up my tank daily. I don’t wait to get empty. I do a daily review everyday. I have a gratitude list and I am always reading a business or spiritual book. I drink tea every night before I sleep and reflect on all the daily blessings that continue to manifest in my life.

Q: Where do you draw your power as a woman from?
A: I draw my strength from an unwavering belief in God and all that is possible for me. I do not have a lot when you look at my life through the limited view of the naked eye, but I have so much when I look at all that I value and everything I am still to receive.

Q: What have you learnt from me and what do you think I have learnt from you?
A: I have learnt to be soft. I am very black and white about life and you have taught me grey. Its necessary sometimes. I think what you have learned from me, is to be firm. To stand by what you believe in. I might be wrong, I don’t know.

Q: We talk a lot, probably 20 hours of the 24 and mostly on the phone. Its amazing how talking and sharing has been such a natural part of our friendship. Its also interesting how you have grown to have so much insight on inspiration and the excitement the world has about Africa. Why have you decided to extend this part of yourself to a larger audience.
A: I have travelled extensively and I feel that there are a lot of amazing things we don’t see, that the world sees about Africa. I want to bring together visionaries and thought leaders to share their experiences and stories, in an effort to inspire. I want people to take a second glance at what is possible for themselves being African in 2016 and how to navigate these possibilities. The world is excited about Africa and I want all Africans to know this.

Edits Talks


Q: What kind of person would benefit from attending #Editstalks?
A: I have received a lot of notes from people seeking direction in their careers, wanting the courage to go after their dreams, needing business tools. It covers a wide spectrum and we have a phased plan that will allow us to tackle all these needs. The aim is to develop a platform where people can come to for knowledge, inspiration and direction as they navigate their lives.


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    Senzi April 7, 2016 @ 12:45 pm

    I am attending the #EditTalks First Addition life changing experience this Saturday because when I first met Zinhle and Nomdeni they changed my life. They honestly changed how see myself as a young woman, who I should aspire to be and above all how I should work harder to inspire other young girls and women. Since the 13th of September 2015, I have been religiously stalking Nomdeni. During the tea, some ladies asked her business and personal questions and the manner in which she addressed us was out of this world. I was in awe, when she walked in the room that day all I was saw was this petite, beautiful and very youthful looking lady with make-up on fleek, platform heels for days and I assumed that she is shy and to herself but BOOOOM. I mean BANG… A FORCE, A POWER, FIRE-WORKS. Listen I didn’t know what to do with myself at that moment, my heart was racing all I kept thinking was this woman needs to have a some sort of business/women’s conference, as young women we need her in our lives; I need her in my life. She was as straight-forward as they come, very well-spoken, informed and just powerful. With the little that she shared with us, I could tell that, there is MORE. SO MUCH MORE!! And I wanted to know. I wanted to aspire to be so hard-rock like her, so the whole day at I work I searched and stalked everything that had NOMDENI MDAKHI written on it, I followed her on instagram and face book. Went through her LinkedIn profile, the Legacy Project article that was written about her and any other article that had her name featured. Downloaded the podcast of her interview on Cliff Central on how she balances work and being a mother and wife. I was on fire that day, everything I read continued to inspire me and essentially made me fall in love with her. Edit Room Thursdays I was there baby. And silly me I quote her every time anyone asks for my advice. Me: “Sihlobo ,uNomdeni said that you don’t have to partner with someone for skill that you can pay for, partner with them because they have a skill that can valuably grow the business.’ I can go on for days and I think my sister kinda gets annoyed when I start the Nomdeni said, Nomdeni posted, Zinhle and Nomdeni are so amazing, they said… Thank God for my little obsession with Facebook, I spotted the #EditTalks post 10 minutes after it was posted. That moment right there, I knew God was listening. He made my dream come true!!!


    Princess April 8, 2016 @ 6:21 am

    Because I have a lot of ideas and visions but I’ve never gotten the chance to make them come alive.


    lesego April 8, 2016 @ 11:56 am

    am tired of getring it wrong career wise. i studied public relations but have been stuck in a rut by being a call centre agent for four years. i need motivation, am running low on inspiration. i dont even have the guts to start over in life. like i said on my “get to know you” section in the #edittalks rsvp letter. am running low and i feel edittalks will be my filling station. am ready for change in my life

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