Moments with Our #WCW – Lynn Forbes (According To Glammy)

This is the second edition of “Moments with Our #WCW”.

I love chatting to women about their achievements, what they do and what inspires them. We also chat about their challenges and how they have managed to overcome these challenges.

This is a platform where I share their stories.

Today I am sitting down with another inspirational woman.

IMG_3830Image by Andile Mthembu

Glammy is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She shares every single thing she treasures, especially herself. From her I have learnt a lot about love, giving and family. She is a true inspiration and an outright fabulous Glammy.

She is Kairo’s grandmother and a woman who will do anything for her family.

She is also the Editor of and someone who has a keen interest in Early Childhood Development and Health and Wellness.

Lynn Forbes, better known as Glammy, has just lost an incredible 10kgs in only 60 days and she is launching her Healthpointe Coaching program, at a Wellness Morning, this Saturday 16 April. She becomes incredibly disciplined and focused when she sets a goal and when she puts her mind to something.

She is persistent and would not allow anything, even her love of chocolate, stand in the way of her achieving her goal. Her attention to detail is incredible and her work ethic is really admirable. Her commitment to this project has been amazing to witness. She set a goal to lose 10kgs not for herself but to show other women that it is possible.

Let’s chat to her about that …

IMG_3970Image by Dustin August

Q: What is most important to you?
A: Family means everything to me. I love my children dearly and without exception. Family comes first above anything else because family is the only constant in one’s life and when things get really tough, family will always be there. I also believe that there are people who are not family by blood, but who count as family in my book because they have just become that over time.

Q: What would you like people to know about you?
A: I want people to know me as someone with a purpose of motivating and inspiring others through my writing and speaking engagements and the things I do everyday. I want to help women to love themselves and feel good about who they are as it is very important for us as women, in order for us to have a positive impact on our children and ultimately on society.
I am a teacher by profession but I have spent most of my life taking care of my family and and working in the corporate world and in the corporate education sector.
Teaching is in my blood as I come from a family of teachers.

Q: You have been a mom for over over 28 years. What advice do you have for new mothers’?
A: Don’t be so hard on yourselves and don’t try and do everything yourself. It is so easy to become lost in the lives of your children. Pursue your own career and your own interest and live your purpose. Loving your children does not mean you have to stop loving yourself.
When I was raising my kids, I always had to remind myself that they are an incredible gift from God, but that they are not my possessions. They have been placed in my care for a while and that I have been given the very important task of guiding them into adulthood and then releasing them to live the life they choose for themselves.
Your children do not owe you anything, don’t burden them with your expectations.

Q: What is the most important advice that you want to share with women.
A: Love yourself first. That is where your power and strength lies. A woman who has not learnt to love herself first, is not capable of loving anyone else. She has no self-confidence and she takes no responsibility for her own happiness. She is weak, insecure, and needy and she becomes the victim to every kind of abuse. Take some time out of life, just focus on you and become happy with who you are, on your own, before you focus on anyone else.

Q: You have so much positivity and excitement about life and the things that you are passionate about. How do you stay positive?
A: Positivity is a decision and again it is closely linked to how you feel about yourself. I read books and listen to inspiring people all the time. You have to surround yourself with positivity in order to be positive. I try my best not to take anything personally and not to assume anything about anyone or anything. It just makes life so much less complicated.

Q: Which qualities do you look for in your relationships with people.
A: I place an enormous value on relationships and I treasure and guard them with everything I have.
People are part of my life, or not, based on the following values which are of the utmost importance to me: Respect, trust, honesty and loyalty. It’s that simple. If I have to choose just one of these it would have to be respect because without respect none of the others are possible.

Q: What motivated you to lose weight and why did you share it on the blog and social media?
A: It started out as a New Years’ Resolution. I have never struggled with major weight gain but I have gained some weight during the 2nd half of last year and I needed to do something about it. I am very conscious about my health and being at a healthy weight is the first thing to attend to when you want to embark on a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to be become healthy and have boundless energy to play with Kairo and enjoy her to the fullest.
In January when I made the decision to lose 10kg’s by the end of May, I knew I would have to become really focused to achieve this goal. Being successful in anything you put your mind to is just so much easier when you are accountable to someone. I decided to be accountable to the whole world! Just imagine putting a goal like that on social media and not achieving it. I really had no choice, I had to do it! I also received a lot of encouragement on social media. It started with me but my focus has now shifted to how I can help others achieve the same success. I have received hundreds of emails from people wanting to lose weight and when you read their stories you just want everyone to experience your success and help them make positive changes to their lives.

IMG_4051Image by Dustin August

Q: When you talk about wellness what do you mean?
A: Wellness to me is being happy and content. It is enjoyment of quality of life. I don’t think about illness or being sick. I think about being well, living my best life in my best body, spending time with the people I love and doing the things I am passionate about. I strive to find a comfortable balance between body, mind and soul (if that is even possible these days). That to me is wellness and I am grateful that I have all of that.

Q: How much weight have you lost now? 
A: I will reveal my exact weight loss since 8 January, at the Wellness Morning, which I am hosting on 16 April. All I can say right now is that I have reached my goal of 10kg’s.

Q: Tell me about the Wellness Challenge which you have launched recently and who it is aimed at?
A: Glammy’s HealthPointe Challenge (#GlammysHealthpointeChallenge) is something I decided to do as a result of the enquiries I received following my own weight loss. Knowing how difficult it can be maintaining focus and motivation over a long period of time, I want to offer weight loss coaching on the program, to give people an increased chance of being successful in reaching their goal weight and making healthy lifestyle changes.
It is aimed at anyone who wants to lose weight and is serious about making healthy lifestyle choices. I need people who are willing to fully commit for at least 28 days, to apply focus and prioritise their health. I am offering the initial challenge to people in Johannesburg as I have to meet with them on a weekly basis but I do have plans to expand my coaching to the other provinces and ultimately to anyone who requires my services. With technology today, the world can be my office!

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are looking for the motivation to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle?
A: I would advise them to firstly read my blog on titled Motivation Starts in the Mind
Secondly I would advise them to attend the Wellness Morning on Saturday!

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    Morning Glammy

    What an inspiration you are! Have you ever thought of doing one of your Motivational talks in Durban – we need you here.

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