Lessons From My Mother

I’m about to celebrate my first Mothers Day and I am very excited!

I’m not sure why I’m feeling this excited about Mothers Day. It’s a day when motherhood is celebrated and when mothers are treated to the finest things. It’s about appreciating our mothers and everything they do for us.

I don’t think one day is enough and I believe that we should celebrate motherhood everyday and show  appreciation for our mothers on a daily basis.

With this being my first Mothers Day and to show appreciation for my mom and every other mother, starting today and for the rest of May, MOMentsbydjzinhle will be celebrating Mothers Month with you. We want to make it a very special time for Moms!

I was raised by a strong and beautiful woman. My mother’s name is Jabu and she has 4 children. She is the one who taught me everything I know about being a woman, a grounded and hard working woman.

I work hard because that is what I watched my mother do. She was a teacher who instilled in me the discipline to work hard and not to expect anything from anyone. She taught me that the person responsible for me is myself.

I remember very clearly how she discouraged the idea of us accepting money as a gift from people. This is how I was raised. There is nothing wrong with accepting gifts but this lesson from my mother protected me from many things. My relationships have never been shaped by how much money the other person has to offer but rather about mutual respect. I respect people equally regardless of what they have or don’t have.

My mother does not like anything to be half done and she taught me to always see something through once I started it. I had certain house chores that were allocated to me and if I did not finish them, I was not allowed to leave the house. I hated it but now I treasure the lessons. I see things to the finish line.

I was running late for school one day and my mom left without me, I was so sad to have missed school that day and my mom was not happy with me when she got back home. That ensured that I was never late for school again and it taught me that it is not okay to inconvenience people. I am extremely professional and this is because I understand that I have a responsibility towards other people and that I have to respect their time.

My mom came to visit me recently and hearing her say how proud she was of me really made me happy. As a mom, I understand how good it feels when your child is someone to be proud of. She taught me a lot and watching me implement those things in my adult life really makes her proud.

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She raised me to be a strong, principled and hard working woman. I am who I am because of my mother. I can only wish that I will able to teach Kairo the same lessons so she can grow up to be a successful and happy person.

We lost my dad in 2010 and my mother has been a rock for our family. She is strong willed and goes for what she wants.

I am lucky to have been raised by her. She also taught me to laugh at myself and that has been a great lesson for when things really got tough. Remembering my dad, she always tells us about the things that made them laugh. Most of the time we can’t make out what she is saying because she would be laughing so much.

I decided to kick off our MOMentsbydjzinhle Mothers Month celebrations by telling you about my beautiful mother and the lessons she taught me.

In the comments below, please share the lessons that your mother taught you and what your mom means to you.

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  1. phirirthembi48@gmail.com'

    Thembi May 6, 2016 @ 4:31 pm

    I was raised a single parent, who i preferred to call a friend most of the time. The lessons i got from that woman was amazing, she was a domestic worker. Who made sure i had the most amazing childhood ever. The most biggest lesson she gave me was never to give up and to work hard. I remember when she used to take me with to work and i was a lazy girl,she used to force me to help her with work and at the moment i would think she is punishing me but all she was doing was to show me that nothing comes easy in life that all the things i have at home is because she worked hard for them. Today i can proudly say i am a true reflection of what a selfless mother she was. Reading this blog and the lessons Zinhle spoke about,It made me realise that we dont only appreciate them only when they are alive, my mom is no more but i should celebrate her even more…she left me when i was only 20 years old and today im 22 with a stable job, car and very independent. im celebrating her because she taught me to be a mother at a young age, today im taking care of my 6 year old sister. Every time the going get harder i remember that she did it, i was able to go to varsity even if it was a year and she was a domestic worker so i can also help my little sister. Wish all the mothers out there a happy mothers day 🙂

  2. nuhmanamela@yahoo.com'

    Ntombi May 6, 2016 @ 5:01 pm

    I was raised by a beautiful, strong willed, crazy woman. She taught me to be strong and fight for what I want. My mom passed on when I was 17 and writing my final matric exams. Everyone thought I will not make it but I was able to do well and got a university admission. I believe the lioness spirit that she possessed and instilled in me made me to strive and do well in my exams. Her lioness spirit made me to roar and face my exams under those difficult circumstances.

    She left while I was still young but her teachings are becoming more valuable as I grow……
    She taught me to always remember my discussions with people, from the first word to the last word….. that has helped me to guard what I say to people…. no one can ever confuse me about what I had said to them. The career I am in requires a lot of talking and interactions with people, this teaching has come in handy for me.

    The teaching I adore and live it whole heartedly was that when we dish up for my dad we must dish in the middle so as he gets the nice food in the middle…. that has now become tradition in my own home, hubby gets the nice food in the middle 🙂

    She taught me never to treat people according to their class, to stay humble at all times.

    She allowed me space to ask questions where I did not understand but to never question her.

    Her unconditional love for me taught me to love myself the way I am and not look for approval in other people. One of my mottos is that “I am what I am, your approval is not needed” might sound arrogant but as I grow I see how that foundation has assisted me in finding my identity and embracing it…. I am very comfortable in my skin and the person I am.

    Above all of this my mama taught me the love of God, taught me how to pray. She forced me to go to Sunday school until I was 12…. I was mad at her every Sunday….. but today I thank her for that foundation…. it was the best gift that no one can ever take away from me.

    Thank you Zinhle for this…. it was very therapeutic

  3. anele.m37@gmail.com'

    Anele Maphumulo May 7, 2016 @ 5:25 pm

    My mom’s name is Ntsiki but I fondly call her MaNdawonde.She is a strong,hardworking and beautiful woman.MaNdawonde has taught me to work extremely hard despite any situation and to keep pushing myself to
    be better.This woman has taught me how to respect,love and be kind to others even those who are unkind.She has taught me to only focus on the positives and ignore any negativity.I ❤her

  4. itumeleng.mokgadi@gmail.com'

    Itumeleng May 8, 2016 @ 9:36 pm

    My mother’s name is Shirley.
    My dad left home in 2005 and my mom was quite unhappy for many years after that. I was closer to my dad and building a relationship with my mother was extremely difficult- we never got along or saw eye to eye.

    I fell pregnant in 2011 at age 15 and only then did my mother and I grow closer and fonder of each other. I took some time off from school in April 2012 and gave birth in May 2012. A week later after giving birth my mom sent me back to school to start preparing for my exams. It was quite a cold winter, I remember it even snowed, my mom would back my daughter and walk all the way to Killarney from Parkview to go to work. Other women used to look at my mother and tell her how foolish she was for doing this for me and how they would never do that for their daughters. I never failed at school nor did I have to repeat, I passed my matric with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2014 at the of 18.

    Last year October, I almost lost my mother to a stroke. It was the 19th of October – I saw my mother dying right in front of my eyes, her eyes were rolling and her tongue just filled her mouth.

    She said to me, “Take me home, I want to die at home.”

    I refused and asked her what was going to happen to my daughter and I. I saw her regain her strength. That day I wanted nothing else but to die. I couldn’t take the thought of living without my mother, I still can’t.

    My mother taught me Love, Patience, Strength and how to Prioritize. Right now, I’d rather be at home cooking for her and my daughter than going out with my friends. I want to make her proud. I pray that the Lord keeps her alive until I’ve given her all that she deserves.

  5. sabelo.mabilane@gmail.com'

    Sabelo Mabilane May 10, 2016 @ 6:50 am

    Wow so beautiful ? you were raised by a queen!?

    I recently gave my mother a hand written page and a half Zulingrish letter that i wrote from my heart telling her how much I love and appreciate her and thanking her all she has done for my two sisters and I and the rest of the family. Just seeing her facial expression while reading it was so priceless??. . .I also believe that mothers day should be celebrated everyday by just simple thank yous,love,appreciation and affection.

    Thank you Zinhle for an awesome blog!!?,God bless you and your family and enjoy the rest of this month.??

    Zulingrish: isiZulu with a mixture of English?

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