Motherhood and Tea

I have never been happier and more terrified at the same time than the moment when I found out I was going to be mother.

Because of the way I’m wired, I immediately started planning our unborn child’s entire life in those couple of hours before my husband came home from work to receive the news. Did everything go according to plan? Well …

We read, observe, question, wonder and worry about everything from pregnancy to when our children will grow old. It should come naturally, right? Wrong!

Firstly; I was super fit when the pregnancy was confirmed and I continued exercising throughout my entire pregnancy – Ahh no I didn’t. I actually only lasted 3 months before all my fitness plans went south. I just didn’t feel like doing much! Tea remained my only constant. Not because I sell tea for a living but because it was the one beverage that I could consume without worrying of any negative health issues.

So I consumed copious amount of tea and water. Initially I continued with the green tea – a cup a day and would change to rooibos, herbal and then to black. Fast forward and 10months /40 weeks later we welcomed our bundle of joy in April 2015. The day didn’t go quite as planned but we were blessed with Naledi. Life as we knew it would never be the same and we were ready to embrace the new journey.

The one thing I researched extensively during my pregnancy was tea and the health benefits for expecting mums. I had stocked up on every tea mentioned in the same line as pregnancy & breastfeeding and today I’m going to share the knowledge with you.

Rooibos Tea

I can’t imagine dipping my scones into any other type of tea than Rooibos. Rooibos is highly recommended during pregnancy. It is caffeine free, contains calcium, magnesium and loads of antioxidants. It also has positive effects on digestion and can ease colic and reflux. We discussed Rooibos in detail in the previous blog, which you can read here.

Ginger Tea

Did you know that Ginger tea helps keep nausea at bay? At The Tea Merchant we have a wide variety of teas with Ginger as an ingredient. Rooibos Tangerine ginger is one of my favorites. You can enjoy it hot or make it into an ice tea. The tangerine ginger blend is magic.


To help with my first trimester, I also consumed lemongrass ginger and cinnamon. Cinnamon is one of the oldest and healthiest spices in the world which provides high amounts of calcium, fiber and manganese.



Drinking herbal teas during pregnancy is certainly a wise choice when compared with caffeinated blends. When breastfeeding you still need to watch what goes in your system as it may come out in your milk. I mostly drank fennel teas with fenugreek seed powder while breastfeeding. Fennel seeds, together with a serving of Mabele every other day, helps boost milk supply and is good for lactation. I had a good supply of milk on most days but I made drinking Rooibos and fennel tea a daily treat.


Naledi just turned 1-year last month, a magical milestone (phew she’s still in one piece). What I’ve learned in the past 12 months is that babies don’t break. Hahaha- they don’t).  You are the best mother that baby will have and know. Self-assurance is when we believe in ourselves and in our own abilities. The more positive outcomes we experience, the more confident we become. I stressed so much about getting everything to be perfect but I’ve learnt perfect isn’t important, just get it done.


There is no such thing as “supermom.” You’re setting yourself up for failure if you expect to be one. I tried it … hahaha. There is no “Mother of the Year” awards. They don’t exist! Get help, ask for help and be willing to receive help in all forms. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally or you’re no good to anyone. Motherhood definitely comes with it’s challenges, but there is so much joy. It is all about priorities and balance. Lastly enjoy motherhood and sip some tea ever so often.


Please do consult with your Health practitioner before drinking any teas during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The above is not medical advice.

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