It’s Our First Birthday !

Time … what a mystery…

Will we ever understand or make sense of its true purpose?

We often look back when time has passed and ask ourselves, “where did the time go?” We also trust it to deliver a better future when we say “time will tell” or “time heals all wounds”.

Moments by DJ Zinhle was just an idea and now, a year later, it has become a part of life for many moms, women in general and even men. It’s a year later, where did the time go?

We are happy to be celebrating this milestone and our hope is that we have inspired and changed someone’s life for the better. Moments by DJ Zinhle is about sharing my personal experiences with the hope that someone will learn and be inspired. I am a great believer in information and knowledge. It gives us power to make the right decisions so I will continue to share my honest and true experiences with you with the hope that at least one life will be changed for the better.


Your time is now. This is our time.

We have a tendency to act as if we will live forever and that we have all the time in the world. Be kind, work hard, smile more and be YOURSELF. Time is too precious to waste on anything that does not make you a better person, be an inspiration.

Be a leader.

We need to look back and be proud of the things we have done with out time. Yes, we will make mistakes but we will not waste time by pointing fingers and shifting the blame. We will learn from our mistakes, forgive ourselves and move on to be better and greater people.

Thank you to all our Readers and Friends of MOMents by DJ Zinhle, we value you and appreciate all the love and support. May you continue to shine and may your time be used to perfect the masterpiece you already are.

God bless


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    Vicky Denise Chili June 28, 2016 @ 2:51 pm

    Happy Birthday Moments 🙂


    Nomthandazo October 27, 2016 @ 3:37 pm

    Zinhle thank u so much for inspiring, iam a teenager and I look up to you……luv u ccster

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