Moments with our #WCW Jade Calvert

Meet Jade Calvert, party planner extraordinaire, lover of all things sparkly & fabulous, award winning decor stylist, perfectionist, foodie, hard worker and flower lover.


Q. Hi Jade, please introduce yourself.

A. Hi, I am Jade Crystal Calvert from Crystal Couture – Signature Event Concepts.

Q. Crystal Couture, how did this great idea come about?
A. Crystal Couture specializes in décor and floral styling, the concept of the Crystal Couture Bloom Box (#ccbloombox) came about while on a trip to USA in December 2014. I saw an advertisement of a similar (but way simpler) product in Canada and I immediately whipped out my laptop and started researching in order to turn this idea into a reality. By the time I got back from that holiday, I had designed the logo, ordered the custom made boxes and made a flyer to distribute in time for Valentine’s Day. Just like that, we did our first run of Bloom Box orders that Valentines day and have been overwhelmed by the support ever since.

Q. How did you choose the name & which part of your business would you say it represents?
A. Well Crystal is my middle name – all things sparkly & fabulous are made of crystal! Couture represents it’s one of a kind nature.


Q. What kind of floristry services do you offer?
A. I do florals for weddings and corporate events, but also offer an online floral service via where we deliver Bloom Boxes daily within JHB & PTA. The Bloom Box is a simple yet luxurious statement piece. A modern take on gift giving. The concept is simple, a signature white/black hat box beautifully arranged with high quality flowers. The hat box is designed to be used as a vase and will compliment any space.

Q. Why flowers?
A. Simply because I’m obsessed with them and always have been. I spend more on flowers for my home than groceries at times!  I love how they can enhance any space, and best of all, they will never go out of fashion, so I will always have a job!

Q. Which flower is your favourite?
A. Oh I cannot simply choose one! My favourites are peonies, anemones, tulips & orchids.

Q.  What makes your offering unique?
A. Our creativity & attention to detail for sure!


Q.  Do you have a background that helped you in becoming a florist and also setting up the business?
A. I have been in the wedding industry since I was 19 years old. I did 50+ weddings a year! I have always been surrounded by beautiful flowers. When I opened my wedding & event styling business in 2014, doing the flowers in-house is what naturally progressed and we enjoy doing it!

Q. Did you enlist any mentors along the way to help you set this up?
A. I didn’t have any mentorship or assistance, however I have been actively educating myself in the floral industry by attending various floral workshops and courses. I recently attended the Karen Tran Master class held in Cape Town, where we got to encounter the grandest floral experience ever!

Q. What were the big hurdles you had to conquer before launching your business?
A. Finding the best suppliers locally.

Q. Did you ever feel like quitting or feel like starting the business was too overwhelming? What keeps you going?

A. The wedding/event industry is definitely not for the feint hearted but I am made for it! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I am surrounded by beauty every day – that keeps me going.


Q. Has anyone ever bought you a bunch of flowers that you absolutely hated?
A. Definitely! I am the worst person to buy flowers for, I am verrrrrrry specific. I prefer simple but luxurious flowers. All white or blush pink is my favourite.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
A. There are so many! (I am a big dreamer!) But the first is to expand the online floral delivery service to Cape Town.

Facebook: Crystal Couture Signature Event Concepts

Instagram: @jade_crystalcouture


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    Mpho August 26, 2016 @ 5:55 pm

    Wow this is absolutely beautiful! Well done Jade.


    Royale Beauty Boutique April 11, 2018 @ 2:54 pm

    Thank you to all these entrepreneurs who sharing their experiences with us.Really encouraging and inspiring.

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