Moments with our #WCW Noni Masombuka

I am fascinated by unique business ideas and am always inspired by women who find a gap in the market and use their talents and passion to offer a niche service. I am motivated and inspired by these women who start from nothing, put in the hard work and make their mark as entrepreneurs.


Q. Noni, thank you for your time. Please introduce yourself.
A. Hello, I’m Noni Masombuka, founder and head chef of BlackOlive House.

Q. You look very young, when did you get into business?
A. Thank you, BlackOlive House started 4 years ago when I was working a full time job but was always yearning to explore my passion for food.

Q. Have you always known that you want to be self employed?
A. Yes, I have. When I was still studying, I always thought I’d work in hospitality and I’d aspire to change the food game. It so happens that one can change the games more effectively when they are self employed.

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Q. What did you study and how does it contribute to your business now?
A. I studied a hospitality management diploma and that alone created an honest passion for customer service and food. My studies have been the core of BlackOlive House operations.

Q. Why a food business?
A. Every time this question comes up, my heart smiles. I have an intense passion for food and for me, nothing else made more sense.


Q. How did you come up with the name Black Olive House?
A. I love olives for the strong and bold taste they have. I am a strong black female and I house all the qualities I need to be a strong and bold force in the food and hospitality business.

Q. What makes your Black Olive House unique?
A. The passion, love and attention to detail. Every menu at BlackOlive House is tailored to the client’s individual taste and needs, from the meal prep to the private catering menus. We offer more than just food, we offer an exciting dining experience tailored for every palate.

Q. What are the different product offerings under BOH?
A. We offer tailored private and corporate catering services, as well as weekly meal preps, which we deliver to your doorstep every Sunday, fresh and ready to eat. We also offer private and corporate laundry services, picked up and delivered to your doorstep.


Q. I’ve been lucky enough to taste your food, it is absolutely delicious. Yum! What’s your favorite dish?
A. Yes, thank you. It’s difficult to choose but I am a big fan of creamy pasta dishes. I also love fresh fruit and fresh herb infused waters. I am currently obsessed with fresh thyme.

Q. What are some of the challenges you have been faced with in your business?
A. The biggest challenge has been juggling my business and a full time job. Most people don’t know this but I’ve been working a full time job until about a month ago. Juggling the two has been my biggest challenge.

Q. Did you receive any mentorship for your business?
A. I didn’t receive any mentorship, I have taught myself as much as I could about the industry, a lot of mistakes were made but these have taught me a wealth of lessons.


Q. If there were no limits and everything was possible right now, what would your business be like?
A. My business would be a full on luxury food truck, traveling throughout Africa.

Q. What is your proudest moment in business so far?
A. Everyday I can wake up and do what I love, is a proud moment for me. I am grateful for it all.

Q. Noni, you are an absolute darling. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me. Lastly, what’s your advice to other women who want to get into the kind of business you are in?
A. Thank you for inviting me, I am truly humbled. Business alone is already a cut throat space for women. Resilience and hard work are the two qualities you most definitely need to have for the food business, it’s not a friendly business to be in. Passion drives me and hard work keeps BlackOlive House consistent.


Instagram: blackolive_house

Facebook: BlackOlive House

Twitter: @BlackOlive_Food


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    Gabisile Faith Mahlangu July 20, 2016 @ 3:48 pm

    Wow! This is so beautiful and very inspiring. It is always so motivating to see young ladies actually standing up and doing things for themselves, they make other people see that it is possible. Thank you DJ Zinhle for such a lovely feature, Noni thank you for shinning your light so bright that we are seeing the path of doing something we love as well.

    God Bless ❤❤❤


    Mbalizelanga July 20, 2016 @ 4:51 pm

    Yay! She is sommer my wcw too…congratulations Noni, greater things are yet to come.


    Iviwe Mahlati July 20, 2016 @ 9:36 pm

    Hi Zinhle. Thank you for interviewing Noni as your entrepreneur for the day. I would like to congratulate Noni on her business venture and I believe you will one day appear on shows such as The Good Food and Wine Show and share your secrets with parts of South Africa. I would like to know how do you deal with the pressures of being a chef and how does it feel being an entrepreneur? Are there any recipes you are willing to share with us Chef Noni?

    Thank You 🙂


      Noni Masombuka July 21, 2016 @ 3:01 pm

      Hi Iviwe

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂

      Being a chef to me is the most natural feeling I know, I love cooking and what I do allows me to do that every single day. Happiness is the closest I can describe how it feels to be a chef.

      Being an entrepreneur is challenging but exciting at the same time and I don’t have anything else I’d rather be doing.

      The best tip I can give that will change every recipe you know, is to always use fresh herbs when cooking, it elevates every dish.

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