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Meet Ellenor Ndlovu, professional Makeup Artist.

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Q: Who is “Makeup by Ellenor”?
A: “Makeup by Ellenor” is a brand and company created and owned by me, Ellenor Ndlovu. I am a Professional Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Image Consultant who is intensely passionate about makeup artistry and therefore I choose to focus on and centre my brand and company around it.

Q: What is your aim as far as the beauty industry in South Africa is concerned?
A: My main aim is to impact women’s lives and impart on them a mind-set that speaks of beauty starting on the inside and then manifesting on the outside. I believe that wellness as a whole should include physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being – makeup, clothes, hair and similar accessories should COMPLIMENT us as women, and not COMPLETE us. This notion seems unusual especially for a Makeup Artist right? After all, our focus is the face. Well this is the perception that I would like to change! My mantra is: I WANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL!!! The emphasis being on “feel”.

Q: What do you do besides deliver a service of doing makeup?
A: I offer one-on-one and group makeup lessons to teach women how to do their own faces to suit their lifestyles. I also do workshops where the focus is women wellness. As part of these workshops, I partner with a Wellness Coach, who specialises in weight loss. She offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions and believes that any lasting transformation happens from the inside out and that the only two things standing between you and success are knowledge and motivation. For the last 16 years she has been instrumental in helping people lose weight effectively and adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her focus is on helping women to learn to love themselves by finding a healthy balance between our inner and outer beauty. Through sharing practical knowledge and information and providing personal motivation, she strives to empower women to gain control of their mental, emotional and physical being, in order to start a journey of learning to love themselves.

The makeup demonstration comes in as a “cherry on top” once we’ve learnt all these skills and techniques to improve our lives as a whole.

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Q: Do you have to study or have formal qualifications for what you do?
A: Absolutely! Even though makeup artistry and beauty related careers are largely inspired by passion and the working of Godly given gifts, it is vital to be trained in the theory and skill that goes along with it in order to impact the market place and industry as a whole. Formal qualifications are a means of gaining respect and trust from potential clients and also industry peers.

Q: What are you currently working on?
A: My main focus this week is the hosting of a Women’s Month Workshop this Saturday, 27 Aug. 2016, at the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton. The workshop will include a step-by-step makeup lesson, an informative talk by Wellness Coach and Motivational Speaker Lynn Forbes. We have partnered with brands such as The Brow Bar, Burst Brushes, Stageline Makeup, Totally Polished Boutique, Fashion Stylist Lindo Buthelezi and Century 21, who will not only present their products to the women that will be attending, but also encourage women to take on a more powerful role in the South African market place as a whole. We are aiming to have a fun filled, girly, empowering morning that will enrich our lives!

For more info and bookings contact me directly. Details are supplied below.

Radisson Blu Sandton



Q: Who should attend this workshop?
A: Any woman or young lady who wants to learn how to apply her own makeup, gain general wellness knowledge and who is interested in networking with other business women to live their absolute best lives!

The live makeup demo will include:

  • Step by step application techniques on how to do a full face
  • Explaining skin types
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows
  • Contouring/Highlighting
  • Simple eye shadow technique
  • Product info

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?
A: The future of my brand and company includes exciting and industry-changing makeup related products, and more importantly, a Makeup School where I will be teaching girls the skills I’ve acquired and perfected throughout my career.

Ellenor Ndlovu
Proff. Makeup Artist

Mobile: +27 61 423 5796

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Instagram: @makeupbyellenor

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