Albany Celebrates Mzansi Culture with Heritage Day Loaves

South Africa is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Every September, our Heritage Day celebrations offer a wonderful reminder of just how many fascinating and beautiful approaches to life, love, business and food our people enjoy. Albany Bread is celebrating this special day with their limited edition Heritage Day pack.

In celebration of the things that make us the people we are, Albany has created a limited edition Heritage Day pack which sees freshly baked loaves of Albany Superior White and Brown bread wrapped in the national flag.

As we celebrate our natural diversity we also recognise the things that bring us together. For every culturally specific recipe or style of dress, there are other aspects to local life that every South African recognises, and appreciates. Indeed, as our country grows its self-awareness through events like Heritage Day, our areas of common understanding grow as well. Take the South African passion for bread, chips and different fillings, for example. In the Western Cape the Gatsby was created, in Gauteng a Kota and in KwaZulu Natal the famous Bunny Chow.

‘National culture is a wonderful part of life at Albany. We get to experience, for example, exactly how all South Africans love bread innovation’ says Thabile Gwiji, Brand Manager at Albany Bakeries. ‘People are always coming up to us with tips and ideas as to how they approach the development of the perfect Bunny Chow, or Kota. Heritage Day gives us a chance to celebrate the things that make our various peoples unique, as well as the parts of South African life that bind us together.’

‘The national flag packaging is Albany’s way of recognising the things in our lives that make us proud South Africans.” adds Gwiji.

So, it doesn’t matter which weird and wonderful way you choose to put your tomato braai broodjie together, or where or how you choose to tuck into that lunch time treat. The fact that you’re thinking about bread in this way, and with such a creative eye, makes you distinctly South African.

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    Hey sister

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