IV Therapy


Feeling Run Down as the End of the Year Approaches?

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is winding down to a close already. Every year times just seems to escape us faster and faster, and modern living just gets more and more fast paced. And while technology has made the functions of our daily lives easier and faster, it has also placed additional stress and strain on our minds and bodies. Our work demands are greater, our family time has become shorter, we are being ‘productive’ 24/7, and we are far less active than in the ‘good old days’. As the saying goes – what goes up, must come down – and our bodies and minds are no different. By the time the festive season is upon us, we feel exhausted, sluggish, desperately yearning for the proverbial finishing line so that we can just stop and take stock of the year that was. But during times are stress and exhaustion we are also vulnerable to ill health.

How Nutrient Rich Intravenous Therapy Can Give You a Boost

When your body is taking strain or you are experiencing a period of additional stress, an extra dose of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants can give you that extra strength your body needs to get through. Unfortunately, the way we normally ingest vitamins and anti-oxidants, orally, in food and dietary supplements is not suitable for taking the higher doses required. This is because our digestive processes have cellular and mechanical absorption limitations. The solution is to the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants straight into the bloodstream where they can work their magic. That way the nutrients are rapidly infused into the circulation and are delivered directly into the cellular space without having to go through the digestive tract. Many people notice improved immunity, increased energy and enhanced detoxification from the improvement in cellular health.  When cellular health is supported, the body can effectively use the nutrients supporting the major bodily systems.


What is Intravenous (IV) Therapy and How is it Administered?

Intravenous means “into the vein” so intravenous medication is administered by inserting a needle into a vein. An IV infusion is a slow “drip” of medication into the vein over a set period, to deliver a constant amount of therapy. This method of administration can be life changing for patients with digestive issues or malabsorption, such as in Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

More Than Just an Energy Booster, a Cancer Fighter Too!

IV therapy has proven an effective means of addressing a variety of medical conditions and most significantly, boosting immune system performance. IV nutrient therapy is a successful form of treatment for a wide array of health conditions, especially those associated with inflammation, poor immunity, leaky gut or food sensitivities. But of particularly significance is the incredible cancer fighting power of intravenous vitamin C. Research suggests that cancer cells are deficient in an enzyme known as catalase, which is responsible for the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. Vitamin C creates a chemical reaction that results in a surge of peroxide free radicals within cancer cells causing them to die.


Because normal (non-cancer) cells don’t have a catalase deficiency, they go through the normal process of breaking down the peroxide into water and oxygen, which not only prevents their death, but also actually increases cellular health. If you are faced with a diagnosis of cancer, treatment options may seem limited to chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. However, high dose Vitamin C delivered intravenously can kill early stages of cancer cells and improve quality of life in later stages of cancer. Of course, we are in no way discrediting traditional medicine. In fact, research is beginning to show that using Vitamin C at the same time as receiving treatment with chemotherapy or radiation may improve the effectiveness of these treatments. At Beauty and Curves, we promote a holistic approach to health and wellness, treating each patient as an individual with bespoke needs.

What Can I Expect When I Come for IV Therapy?

Make an appointment to consult with one of our highly trained doctors and they will assist you in determining what IV infusion would be appropriate for you. In addition, your risk factors will be evaluated and how best to prevent any problems or conditions, that you may be susceptible to, will be recommended. The infusion will be put up and monitored by our trained registered nurses. A doctor will always be available on site for assistance if necessary. IV Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that is well tolerated by most people. A very small ‘butterfly’ needle or a micro-catheter is used to infuse the prescribed supplements. There is a low risk of serious adverse side effects which may include a slight after-taste of supplements shortly after the infusion. Urine may also have a strong odour or colour shortly after completion. Some patients may also experience a sensation of warmth and flushing or feel a cooling sensation as the IV is administered. Intravenous supplements are very safe, beneficial and easy in application.



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