It is the Season of Giving

As we count down the weeks to Christmas, start seeing decorations in store and hearing Christmas Carols being played, one is reminded that this is the season of giving. We think about those less fortunate than ourselves and how we may also be able to bless them. This article will give you some creative ways around BrainBoosters products and how you can engage, bless and give your child and other children the gift of potential for their future.

Let’s start with a Christmas Count Down. An advent calendar is a way for us to start counting the days from 1 December until Christmas day. Sometimes there is a gift each day, a chocolate or sweet or a nice surprise. This allows you to focus small amounts of time with your child and at the same time build excitement and connection. Why not be creative and use our new online platform and watch a video and read a book with your child each day for 25 days?  This is the link to the platform and you can watch on your phone or computer:




Repetition of concepts builds your child’s brain pathways. Time sitting closely with your child and reading is a gift that continues throughout life. A love of reading is one of the best gifts you can give a child.


You can either use the voice in the video or mute the sound and read yourself.

The BrainBoosters semester packs make a perfect gift for you to order for your child or grandchild. Please order soon so that you are assured of delivery. There are two semester packs for each age group from birth to six. Each semester pack will give you a number of educational toys, books, posters and activities to do with your child on a daily basis throughout next year.


Here is a link to the online shop to place your order: an easy option for friends and family and no fighting with traffic and people in malls to do your shopping.

At this time of the year we also reflect and consider the many children who may not be receiving any gifts this year. Why not think about a way in which you or your company can give back with BrainBoosters? Here are some options to consider:

  1. Consider sponsoring or purchasing products for one person you know who may not be able to buy these products for their child.p07_113
  2. As a company or group of staff, find a crèche near you or in your community that can benefit from the BrainBoosters products. Purchasing the Play & Learn range for a Day-Care Centre will equip the teachers with training and resources to use with the children to simulate brain development. Children learn through play and many do not have the benefit of resources. An investment of R5000 to R 10 000 can equip a teacher with training and resources for a group of children for the whole of 2017. A gift that keeps giving.
  3. alternate-stacking-cups-with-foam-discsplay-learn-black-containersFind a centre with children and purchase a Story Box for each child for Christmas. This gift will cost you R295 per child and can be ordered according to the ages of the children.
  4. For enquiries and quotes for these options you can call Lizanne on +27 11 471 0900 or

The greatest gifts we have in life are our children. Investing time, love and play with them will be one of the best gifts you can ever offer them to build strong foundations for future learning.


Most of their potential is developed in these early years. If all our children do not develop strong foundations, we all share the responsibility of a future that will be detrimental to our children and society. In some small way we can all make a difference this year.

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