Tea Is Life

There is a common quote that says: Time moves fast when you having TEA. How true is that? Ok maybe it’s not a common saying and I just made that upJ but It’s been 1 year to date that I was given an opportunity by our favorite dj Zinhle and Ms. Forbes -According to Glammy to come onboard MomentsbydjZinhle and blog about tea. A whole blog about tea- How LOVELY. I remember I was extremely excited to write about tea, needless to say the excitement didn’t last very long as my first blog was due and I was completely lost.

Here we are today; 10 blog post later I would have never thought in a million years that I could writes anything worthy to be read by anyone.  A big shout out to all my proof readers; Hubby, sis, family and friends.

I absolutely loved writing the tea reviews because I love the life and character each tea varieties have.  Introducing the different tea blends and sharing my tea love and what it is that we do at The Tea Merchant has been an interesting journey.  It’s the experience that captivate the buyer, so I needed to get each reader to step into our stores and experience the ultimate tea experience every other month just from reading the blog post. I hope I succeeded.

Live is too precious, it’s important to have establish what makes you happy, find great love and enjoy the finest teas we have to offer! In this last edition of #teawithdee I introduce you to these new blends that are available at the Tea Merchant (Insert Link). I don’t want you to only try these new blends but come visit us and try out many other delicious teas that we have for sale. Trust me; once you step into our store (if you haven’t already), you might never want to leave.

Green Apple Mint

A refreshing green tea with a twist of Apple and Mint


Purple Tea

We have received numerous client mails asking us to stock more African tea- We listened. I introduce Purple Tea- a Proudly Kenyan black tea with a full- bodied, plummy aroma and a subtle purplish tinge to the liquid. This tea boasts nearly twice the antioxidants of other teas.


Rooibos Masala Chai

A truly South African take to the Indian Classic Drink. Rooibos blended with Cinnamon; ginger, Star Anise, Pepper, Cardamom and Clove. This Blend renders an overly spicy brew for a real chai experience.


In celebrating a year of taking to you about tea; we are giving away the following VIVA Tea Strainer and 100g tea to the first 5 individuals who follow the below instruction;


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To those that took their time to come on a tea journey with us in the past 12 months- Thank you. Those who are reading about tea for the first time today kindly read all the previous blogs here (links to the previous blogs).

Hopefully we have created some Tea connoisseurs who will forever spread the tea message and continue to shop for the finest tea leave at The Tea merchant stores (insert link)

To Life and Tea


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  1. mbikosimphiwe@gmail.com'

    Simphiwe December 14, 2016 @ 10:34 am

    I love love love your posts thank you Dee…. I have bought quite a number of the tea’s you have featured here, and my friends all received tea as part of their birthday gifts this year. Two have asked if they can get tea for Christmas too **they wont**. I cant help but notice that those of us that don’t have Twitter, Instagram are kind of excluded from participating in competitions…. kindly allow people like me to participate in some way too.

  2. mokhele9@gmail.com'

    Matshidiso Mokhele January 27, 2017 @ 10:19 am

    I just love MomentsbyDJZinhle.

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