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I have achieved so many things in my life. I clearly remember how proud my dad was when I passed matric. When I graduated from UJ, I was incredibly excited and I recall how, after many job interviews, I was excited about getting my dream job and being employed by a company I had always dreamt of working for.

As a DJ, I have travelled the world, met and interacted with amazing people. I have managed to build a name for myself, been part of big TV shows and my music has been celebrated and enjoyed by millions of people all over the continent. I have been nominated and performed at the biggest award shows in this country and I managed to build my dream house. All of these achievements are things I had to work hard for.  I continue to put a huge amount of effort into everything I do but I have noticed that the excitement and gratification I get from all of these achievements is short lived. None of these things have given me what I would call eternal happiness. The excitement and meaning quickly wears off.

Nothing comes easy in life, I really had to put in major effort for everything I have achieved and I am grateful for everything I have.

There is something that I didn’t have to work for, it was given to me. I didn’t have to prove myself in order to qualify for this, yet it is the most fulfilling gift I have ever received. It has given me eternal happiness and allowed me to experience unconditional love.

This is the one thing I receive and celebrate with open arms and a willing heart, the gift of being a mother.

After Kiaro was born, people would ask me about my experience as a mom and I told them that I didn’t even feel like a mother. I was saying this because I didn’t feel  worthy of such a big role. Thirty-four months later, I finally feel like a real mom, a great mom. Raising Kairo has been both challenging and rewarding but I am very proud of the mother I have become.

I am finally accepting that I am worthy of this incredible role. I am ready to discover and learn more about my child and myself. I am not perfect and that is okay because motherhood might mean that I am blessed, chosen and great but it does not mean that I have to be perfect.

So I am no longer hard on myself. I do my best in the most loving and honest way possible. I am now realising how great my mother was as a parent to us. She was a loving warrior and she taught us so many lessons that have carried us through our lives.

I feel joy knowing that I am a great mother. Kairo is my gift and I  have been trusted to love her and take care of her. It’s not my job to question my role or doubt my worth but it is my duty to receive and celebrate it everyday. I celebrate that I am a great mom and will continue to be the best mother I can possibly be.

I celebrate myself.

I celebrate all mothers.

I hope you can celebrate yourself too.

Have a joyful and blessed Mothers Month.

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    Siphesihle May 21, 2018 @ 2:06 pm

    Hi Dj Zinhle

    I am inspired by you and how you have over came everything in your life. I am 22 years of age. Last year July I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Nqobile Lethokuhle, sadly me and his father broke up after I found out I was pregnant. It killed me knowing that i won’t get the opportunity to be a family more especially with my first child, He made me feel useless now that I have a baby and used This all drained me I lost myself confidence having the idea that no one will ever love me because I have a baby. I still kills at times because he would talk to me anyhow he want to, but slowly but surely im taking it one day at a time I went to apply to a school to study to push myself. After I read your story on the magezine about how you over came everything till today I became inspired and saw that I am not the only one and that everything happens for a reason, I also watched you on topbilling nd It takes a village. You really inspired me, but im still gonna ask you, how do you do it?

    thank you

    Siphesihle Miya


    Zethu Lubisi May 21, 2018 @ 4:29 pm

    After comments on Twitter about your moments shared on Instagram. It’s amazing that I daily go and check your shared moments with Kairo. The fear of motherhood is slowly moving away. You make motherhood looks easy.

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