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imageI want to inspire women to be great, independent and successful. I aspire to being a role model to women and for them to realise just how much is possible with enough dedication, self-belief and hard work.

My projects, which include MOMentsByDJZinhleFUSE Academy, Era By DJ Zinhle and the Pink Revolution Conference (PRC), all have one thing in common, women empowerment and inspiration. Those who know me well, know how passionate I am about women empowerment. As a woman with a career in an industry that is mainly a “boy’s club”, I understand the challenges that women face trying to build a successful career. I live my life with the purpose of empowering and inspiring women. I am passionate about educating women.

My newest and most frightening project yet is becoming a mom, a project I doubt anyone can ever fully prepare for. I have been a planner all my life but for the first time, I do not know how to plan and honestly I do not know what to expect. Truth be told, I do not know what I am doing. I am scared, excited, impatient, emotional and confused. Its safe to say that I have now have a new passion. Motherhood, parenting and sharing my experience with other mothers. A new dimension has now been added to my purpose. I want to empower, inspire and educate mothers and by doing so make a positive impact to the lives of our children.

From here on my life will be different, everything will take on a different perspective. I will share all those moments with you, some moments will be magical, some embarrassing and some will be emotional but I am excited about the future, about being a mom. A hard working, stylish, happy, successful super mom.

I am a simple person who loves time alone. I work hard, shop even harder and drink too much tea. I am independent and obsessed with jewellery and fashion accessories. I read books according to my emotional or professional needs at the time and I seldom read magazines … when I do, I page through them from back to front … don’t ask me why, I just do it that way.

Allow me to be positive … I continuously strive to be the most positive person I know.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

Most people know me as DJ Zinhle because of my career in the South African music industry. I have been a DJ for 11 years My name is Ntombezinhle, a name given to me by my father. Ntombezinhle is a baby girl name of Zulu origin meaning “beautiful girls” but everyone calls me by the shortened version of my name “Zinhle”.

I am looking forward to what lies ahead, to meeting different women and engaging with you on different levels about the one thing that connects us all and which provides us with a common bond … WOMANHOOD …

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  1. Vuelwas@gmail.com'

    nomthandazo July 16, 2016 @ 9:15 am

    firstly let me thank you for being so real and strong
    you have no idea how much love we have for you out here I appreciate your hard work talent and dedication

    my time at fuse academy was short the time I got to meet you was incredible and amazing your a beautiful soul not only do I look up to you I need you to know that you have inspired me to follow my dreams and never give up never let anyone tell me who I can and cannot be

    this is a letter of appreciation maybe you don’t get this a lot or maybe you get this everyday but I needed to tell you how you helped me trough difficult time and doubting myself was one of the top things I was good at as much as KAIRO saved your life you saved mine.. thank you

    I would love to hold you hand one day and am sure that day will come God works in mysterious ways

    I get very emotional having to write this to you your a strong woman
    thank you so much

    you might not believe this but you saved my life too and I will always cherish you for that I wish I could tell you how but that is for another day…

    you have a beautiful daughter and I wish you all the best in life I hope u have everything and everyone who helps you as much as you give back to us

    lots of love
    nomthandazo saul

  2. Thakunene@gmail.com'

    Thandeka August 4, 2016 @ 7:56 pm

    I love You Dj zinhle #inspirationLivesHere

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