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Cherish by Carita Adams is a couture collection of high-quality, handcrafted headbands for little girls. Designed by Carita Adams – a top SA wedding gown & bridal accessories designer, moms can rest assured that their little girls are wearing a comfortable accessory with a superior fit. Sizes range from newborn up.

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Thank you for sharing you special moment.

“My little princess is 4 months old, her name is Te-amo. Bath time is the most exciting thing for her and after being born, she loved every moment. It gave us time to bond and talk. She was a very big baby and this allowed me to take her in the bath with me. They say “skin to skin” is the best way to bond and the way she would curl her little body on my chest made me feel so proud because she feels protected in my arms. Now that she is 4 months old she enjoys splashing the water everywhere. We capture each she smile and giggle she does when she is in the water. At this stage everything goes to the mouth so she enjoy having toys in the water. It even got the point that when she is having her bad days, we pop her in a bath to clam her down. We are looking forward to sending her for swimming lessons … hopefully this is a swimmer in the making.” – Robin Trollip (edited)

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