Comfort is key, our privacy is everything, familiarity is important and it has to be a fabulous occasion! It appears that all my wishes will be granted as my baby’s father has reserved a luxury private room for us at the hospital. I have imagined the room with flowers everywhere, a beautiful carrycot, the smell of home, tea, family and friends.

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Zinhle Pregnancy

She walked in and said, “I could tell you were trying to hide something but I know you are pregnant because the other day I spilled milk”. Let me explain, the spilling of milk is considered to be a sign that someone in your family or someone close to you is pregnant. Nomndeni didn’t even bother to look at the results on the stick, she was sure I was pregnant. Maybe it was her way of communicating with the universe since she knew how much my boyfriend and I wanted to conceive.

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So much advice

“Your skin is going to break out … You can’t eat sushi … Don’t eat oranges or drink orange juice … Don’t eat ice … Don’t sleep too much … Don’t wear high heels …You need to take it easy and stay home until the baby is born … Don’t wear this, wear that instead … You need to gain at least 12kgs … If your belly itches, don’t scratch … Expect the ugly nose …”

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