In my experience and being in the business for almost a decade the biggest mistake woman make is that they start their skincare routines and regimes too late. When they do come for help, they need more to correct issues that could have been prevented if they had paid attention earlier in their lives. You are never too young to take care of your skin.

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She is persistent and would not allow anything, even her love of chocolate, stand in the way of her achieving her goal. Her attention to detail is incredible and her work ethic is really admirable. Her commitment to this project has been amazing to witness. She set a goal to lose 10kgs not for herself but to show other women that it is possible.

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Metro FM and SAMA Award nominee Zinhle Jiyane, aka DJ Zinhle, stepped onto the South African DJ scene at a time when it was still very much of a man’s world. But this talented lady quickly managed to turn some heads with her crazy skills on the turntables. She even grabbed the attention of some of Mzansi’s most respected DJs, such as DJ Oskido, and has today become one of the best female house DJs in SA.