The 2nd Annual Pink Revolution Conference

Coming to you in 2016

As part of it’s 6th year celebration, FUSE Academy introduced the first ever female delegate only music conference called The Pink Revolution Conference.

The Pink Revolution Conference is an annual women empowerment event focused on creating a networking platform for all women interested in harnessing careers within the entertainment industry.

This has been created to give women an engagement platform that gives them insight into what the industry is like. The entertainment industry is still largely a “BOYS CLUB” and this conference is aimed at providing a fun, women-friendly and focused environment, where women get to meet the industry leaders and engage on what opportunities are available for females wanting to explore this space.

This also includes encouraging an entrepreneurial approach to penetrating the entertainment industry with a focus on eliminating
the discrimination and stigma that women cannot make it in the entertainment industry.

This conference focuses on the business of entertainment with an aim to educate women on the pros and cons of the industry and how to work in the industry and still maintain your dignity.

Empowering women in developing countries is essential to reduce global poverty since women represent most of the world’s poor

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